It's just money.

I have two major addictions when it comes to shopping: shoes and makeup.

Shoes I like because the size isn't associated with beauty in quite the same way.

Yes, I have above average sized feet, and have probably even gotten a couple comments, but our society doesn't associate large feet with 'fatness' in the same way pants sizes are.

Sorry for the soapbox side trip.

The point there being shoes are beautiful and I can't have enough and I spend hours drooling over boots ('cuz it's fall).

Makeup is just pretty. It's the eye shadow that gets me, with the sparkles and colors.

I also get sucked in to the special deals, and the kits that "save you money" and whatever other marketing ploys companies use.

I try the internet window shopping technique, but unless the shopping cart expires fairly soon after purchase, that is usually more dangerous than it is beneficial. All it takes is me looking at a product a couple times and I just know I have to have it.

(Or a special at Sephora: 20% off using FF2009 through today.)

I came about 5 minutes from buying three sweaters from Victoria Secret yesterday because I was going to get free shipping and a lip gloss set.

Dangerous I tell you.

I also justify spending habits. Like, for example, that shopping for gifts doesn't fall under the normal shopping category and is somewhat exempt from budgetary limits.

Don't go imagining the I am spending millions, thousands or even hundreds (mostly) on gifts, but I am much more likely to spend more or not worry about "deals" when it's a gift than when it's for myself.

So as the holiday season approaches, I am girding my loins (and my wallet) for an influx of temptations and opportunities to fill all the recently purged holes in my life (a.k.a. closet).

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