One Thing I Need To Do

I am sitting at work, with the class that was supposed to be taking place now cancelled.  Life is rough I tell you.

I work from 1-3pm and then I'm done!  Until Monday!  I really can't tell you exactly how excited I am.

Tomorrow afternoon, the siblings and I will travel (just a few hours behind our parents) over to the peninsula for family time with my grandparents, some uncles, and a cousin.

We'll have our big dinner at Grampie and Thyrza's retirement home.

This means no cooking for us, and also gives an excuse for a having a second Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday.

I mean, leftovers are pretty much the best part.  My brother will not be happy if he doesn't get turkey pot pie.

I do not plan on participating in Black Friday, mostly because I really want to sleep in. 

Plus, I don't have many more presents to buy.  And to be honest, I'm digging online shopping these days.  There's just something about sitting on the couch in sweats will spending money that I like.

As we head off for Thanksgiving tomorrow--hopefully I'll still be posting--I am giving myself one assignment: take some dang pictures.

Seriously, this fall has been a complete fail in terms of using my camera.

And that needs to change.  Now.

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