Awkward and Awesome: Birthday Edition

Hey there!

I'm still around, but this whole moving thing has kind of thrown my already very infrequent blogging schedule off its tracks.

(Mixed metaphors, anyone?)

I'm surrounded with boxes at the moment and hosting my own birthday brunch on Sunday (yes, I'm a little crazy), so I don't really have a lot of time for blogging now. But I wanted to stop in for a quick post so you'd at least know I'm alive.

Oh, and it's my birthday (28 years successfully completed, woot woot). Obviously I'm partying it up. While I'm sitting at home watching Criminal Minds reruns, this day has been pretty awesome.

Check out the rest of my awkward and awesome moments below.

- Keeping anything in my head right now is impossible.
- I put this blog off because I was distracted by things. So instead I won't get enough sleep. I am determined.
- Not doing math correctly and scaring myself about finances. Thankfully I just forgot a pretty important digit.
- I haven't been able to post a picture from an app on my phone the past couple days. I know this is totally a first world problem, but not being able to use Instagram kind of sucks.
- My first grocery shopping was at the end of the day, without a list, while hungry. Needless to say it didn't go incredibly well.
- Getting a mosquito bite on my foot in the middle of the day. In the middle of the city. I am not amused.

- Owning my own place. So loving it! (Though I might feel a little different when my first mortgage payment is due. Ha.)
- Fast internet service that was set up the same day I called. Sometimes it's the small things.
- Having awesome coworkers. Seriously. It's the best.
- Finding out I get to work multiple home Seahawks games this year. On the field. My giddiness, you guys. So high. (I can't even form complete sentences about it.)
- At work we've become addicted to bear cam. So this birthday card made my day:

Just one reason my coworkers are awesome.

And now, just because you've been soooo patient. Here's a sneak peak of my condo:

(Don't pay too much attention to the skewed panorama.)

What's been awkward and awesome in your life recently?


Driving and Work and Paperwork and Moving and Eating

This past week (and the coming one) has been something else. I enjoyed a nice three day weekend before the week of 4th of July, but since then it's been absolutely non-stop.

I only had Thursday off. I made a quick trip home - after getting to hang out for a couple hours with my cousin from California after work on Wednesday.

The trip to my parents' house was full of cleaning and organizing. With a good dose of eating on the side.

Friday, after stopping by two different banks, I headed back to work for the day.

Saturday was filled with a trip down and back to Portland for a bridesmaid dress fitting.

And Sunday was full of another day of work (the start of seven days in a row).

This week has been no less crazy, but yesterday I did get to enjoy a little zumba with a friend. It was a much needed fun break, complete with refreshments afterwards.

I'm (hopefully) less than 48 hours from having the keys to my place. The last few days have been a flurry of emails and scanning paperwork and calling banks and all sorts of other things I never knew had to happen.

I get to do a walk through tomorrow afternoon, so maybe I'll give you all a little sneak peak.

For now, enjoy this picture of my favorite flower ever.

P.S. Who loves that Instagram photos/videos are embeddable? Besides me obviously.


Disappearing Act

I never mean to take breaks from blogging. Life just has this weird tendency of getting in the way. 

I even have a backlog of blog ideas (some dating back months, in fact). So excuse me when I finally get caught up if posts are terribly out-of-date.

I thought for now I'd stop by with a quick recap of the past couple weeks (seriously, how does time fly like that).

A weekend with my sister last week that involved fro-yo and long walks. And a bridal shower for one of my dearest friends from high school.

Lots of work and a schedule that seems to change every day. Take this week for example. I had Monday off (bonus 3-day weekend) because I'm working this coming Sunday. My start times for the rest of the week: 7 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am, and 10 am. It's a wonder sometimes that I show up on time at all. 

And a sleep schedule? I can pretty much forget about that.

This past weekend with my cousin who flew in from Boise. We ate too much, gabbed, watched multiple movies, and fit in a nice long walk. 

Talking with her about pretty much any subject under the sun, even though we don't have all the same opinions, without wanting to strangle each other. I love it. 

The really big news more recently: a place that will (hopefully) become home in 10 days. It's a beautiful condo, located relatively close to work and only just a slight stretch for my budget. It will totally be worth it. 

I can't wait to call it home and introduce you all to it. Plus, I'm weirdly looking forward to budgeting and organizing and couponing (spell check just turned that to coupling--awkward) and making the space work in my life.

Also, I'm really, really looking forward to have my own kitchen and bathroom. Seriously excited.

And a little nervous. 

I've been reading all of your blogs even though I haven't been commenting. And thanks to anyone who still stops by even though I'm not around much. It means a lot!

Anything new I should know about with you?