Relaxed. Totally.

Two in one day? What?!

It's true.  I am posting again.  Mostly because the last post was more like a breaking news announcement than anything.

Now that I'm laying on a hotel bed, lounging in yoga pants, using free wi-fi, having consumed a delicious shepard's pie, I'm feeling relaxed. 

I could fall asleep right now and be perfectly content with life. 

The only thing that could make life better (besides the looming disaster mentioned in my last post being over) is some sort of delicious in the form of dessert.

I'm watching teen jeopardy, which let's me feel a little bit more smart, and more normal.  These kids are interesting, to say the least.

Just kidding, I'm taking back the smart part.  These kids know way more random stuff than I ever have.

I have to say, sometimes it's totally worth paying a little more to stay in a nicer hotel.  Not that I paid, but that's not the point.

Now excuse me as I resume me TV viewing and avoid thinking too hard.

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