Kleenex? Check.

If you're addicted to college basketball like I am, you are probably aware that this weekend was Coaches Against Cancer.

This meant that around the country coaching staffs wore tennis shoes instead of their usual dress shoes to bring awareness to the fight against cancer.

But you might not be aware that this tradition didn't just occur at the college level.

The padres (aka parents) and I went to see a high school basketball game, and found the same focus. The coaches had strapped on their tennis shoes. In addition both teams sported special t-shirts in warm ups, and the visiting team even wore pink socks.

More memorably was the naming of guest coaches for the night. The home team was coached by a young boy who is fighting brain cancer.

And who will most likely loose that fight in the near future. He can barely hear, doesn't see well, and is confined to a wheel chair.

But he was definitely part of the game. All the starters gave him high fives when they were announced. He fist bumped the players as they came out of the game, and it was hard to tell who was more excited about it. He was in the huddle during time outs and at half time he went to locker room.

At half time, the school recognized him and his family, and gave him a cheer as well as a standing ovation.

The game, the sport, was overshadowed by something more important. Life. The emphasis wasn't on getting the win, but helping the fight to cure a more vicious opponent.

The loudest cheer took place at the intermission, as little Kyle waved to us all from his wheel chair. Even the cheerleaders were more excited about a picture with the star of the show than cheering their team on to victory.

And I would imagine many of the eyes in the gym were filled with tears.


Night on the town

I went to 80's night with some friends yesterday. Here's what I observed, and it's something I've noticed at previous 80's night excursions.

No matter what song is played, people get excited about it.


The song will get 2-4 measures in and there are always a few people that get pumped up about it.

This is funny to me because most of these people only learned 80's music after the fact. Kids born in '88 can drink, and I'm pretty sure they weren't familiar with this music during the first two years of their lives.

I could be wrong though. Stranger things have happened.

I also think that if the DJ for 80's can't play mostly solid songs, he probably should retire.

Think about it. He (I suppose it could be she) has an entire decade of music to pick from. Just think of all the top billboard songs in one, let alone ten.

So if Mr. DJ doesn't play good music all night, basically he fails.

Two other important points: cheesy fries at two in the morning are delicious and I could use a nap.


I'm not like this all the time.

My blog has been slightly depressing lately, or I've been slightly depressed. One of the two. In an attempt to lift everyone's spirits, today's post will be a collection of limericks, haiku's, and short stories.

Totally joking.

I'm just going to write down a few random thoughts from my head. And I'm not taking responsbility for any of it.

  • I had toast for breakfast this morning. Well, a piece of toast, really. I meant to cut two, but the first one was so thick, think Great Wall thick, that I just went with one.
  • I've gotten sucked into The Bachelor for no reason other than the fact that I have way too much time on my hands. I fully agree with his decision last night to give out one less rose than planned. Some of those women were CRAZY.
  • I have been house/dogsitting (yes, again) since Saturday and have yet to go grocery shopping. Instead, I raid my parents' larder. On a side note, if anyone is looking for a house/dog sitter, I am available except for a few select days. Hit me up.
  • Instead of more quality writing, I've decided to mix up the word choice on my blog. Hence the use of the word larder...and hence. I think using the phrase 'hit me up' was a first as well.
  • I passed the lesson - finally - for transcribing. (Confused, see my previous post.) It took me about 3Xs as long as it was supposed to.
  • I woke up at 8 a.m., and was not happy about it. If I sleep in I have fewer hours in the day to fill. Please sleep is about the most wonderful thing ever, next to food. Or The Bachelor. (totally joking)
  • I also did not fall asleep very easily, which led to lots of unnecessary thinking. Do you know what I mean? Somehow late at night it's incredibly easy to convince yourself of things that aren't at all realistic. But that does remind, I need to set up a couple health related appointments.

So, see ya! (You know you wanted this to end anyways.)


Typing away.

I have been training for the past month or so for a new job. All of the training takes place on my own, with an instructor working with me over the internet.

The job is transcribing at a local college. I may have explained this before, but I'll go back over it for those of you who are new, haven't been paying attention, etc.

Transcribing involves going to classes and typing a transcript of what happens in the class for deaf and hard of hearing students.

This means I have had to learn a completely new way of typing, with a special program, to speed up my abilities and catch as much meaning as possible. I will be doing meaning for meaning, not word for word. Basically I'll take information and chunk it. Exciting, eh?

Today has been an especially frustrating training day. I'm stuck in a lesson and can't get out. So I am giving myself a break. Hopefully the break works.

I thought I'd give you a taste of how this typing work. Good luck figuring out what that gibberish below might mean.

life has bn rjr dprssg ltly, i'm not gg t lie i v no e t blm for js i'm prtty sure jt's jst how life wrks, but jt ds't mean i'm hppy abt k i d know i need t get out f js funk1 any ideas/

There you go. I'm not even sure I could translate that.


She was prepared for something, I guess.

So I was at Target yesterday with my dad.

No real surprise there. A lot of the excursions that my dad and I take involve shopping for something somewhere.

(Also, I like to keep my descriptions general and vague so they can apply to a lot.)

The trip itself was mostly uneventful. We didn't really find what we went for, but my dad got a cool olive oil jar thingy. (Have I also mentioned that I am really bad at descriptions?!)

The Moment came while we were in line at the checkout.

I was standing there (mostly) minding my own business when I happened to glance at the woman checking out in front of us.

There were panties in the pocket of her jean.


Not just why carry around spare panties, but also why in your pocket???

She had a purse, and that seems like a much more logical location to me. But I tend to think in a pretty linear fashion and maybe she doesn't.

Or....maybe she stole a pair of panties from target.

Maybe she doesn't have much money and is living out of her car and her daughter really needs new panties.

Or maybe she just stuck them there at some point in her and totally forgot about them. (If I were ever in this situation that would probably be my reason for panties in my pocket.)

It just made me wonder though.


Please pass the Kleenex.

I wish I had something intelligent, witty, or creative for you today.

Instead I have a cold. Luckily for me, my life is such that it really doesn't matter that my day has been completely unproductive.

I'll map out the day to illustrate what 'unproductive' means in this case.

10:45 a.m. - I wake up.
11:30 a.m. - I actually get out of bed. Impressive, I know.
11:45 a.m. - I consume meal #1.
12:00 p.m. - I turn on the TV.
2:00 p.m. - I turn off the TV and eat meal #2.
2:30 p.m. - I read.
4:30 p.m. - I cuddle with the dog.
5:00 p.m. - I take a bath.
6:00 p.m. - I eat meal #3.
6:30 p.m. - I turn on the TV. And haven't left my seat since.

It's a good thing I am not actually working right now, just training on my own time.

Now excuse me while I get back to my TV watching.


If we are what we eat, I'm an Oreo milkshake.

What I eat has a huge effect on how I look and feel. My diet pretty much affects everything from my complexion, my energy levels, and (*gasp*) my weight.

Shocking, right?!

Overall, I did solidly today diet-wise. (In this case diet refers to what I'm eating, and not what I'm not eating.)

Or I at least I was doing well until we picked up the bro from the airport and he was starving. (That sentence shows how talented I am with words.) He had been traveling most of his life - since about midnight our time - to return from the absolute madhouse that was D.C.

Not surprisingly, the one bagel with cream cheese he consumed did not fill him up, so Jack-in-the-Box, here we come.

This is when I learned a couple of interesting things.

First, Jacks has started listing caloric info on their drive thru display. This may be true, or required, of all fast food restarants but I'm kind of clueless.

Second, my regular sized Oreo shake contained 700+ calories. Unfortunate. That's probably about a third of the calories I should be consuming during the day.

I just couldn't help myself though. My throat is dry and scratchy (I think I might be getting sick) and the thought of ice cream was too delicioius to pass us.

Do you blame me? 'Cuz I sure do.

But it was totally worth it. As long as I don't have any problems with a shortened, less healthy life. Maybe I'll think twice next time.

The only good news, I didn't actually finish the thing. So maybe it was only 500-ish calories.

I'm clinging to that slim hope, that's for sure.


Important Stuff

A lot of big things happened today.

The country got a new president. My sister had a birthday.

But I was completely distracted by my contacts. Seriously.

I wear contacts about once in a blue moon. Probably only when I exercise.

I used to wear them all day every day. Part of it was how active I was playing sports. But it also seems as if my eyes have gotten more and more sensitive as I have gotten older.


I would much rather wear the contacts, although glasses can be a cute accessory.

I woke up this morning in a hurry to watch the inauguration and could not locate my glasses anywhere. I vaguely recalled setting them on my bed somewhere when I was reading last night. And without them it was a little difficult to search for them.

Quite the Catch-22.

So instead I grabbed my contacts and threw them in my eyes, literally. Ok, not really.

And left them in all day. By the time I got home tonight, I was blinking and itching like crazy.

Then I remembered why I don't make a practice of wearing my contacts.

Someday I'm getting that laser surgery done. Life will be good then. And I'll never have to worry about misplacing my glasses again.

Oh, and happy birthday Sis! I love you tons!!!



Right now, my brother is in Washington D.C.

Well, literally speaking he's in Maryland. But that's not really the point.

He traveled across the country to accompany my cousin for the big day tomorrow. If you don't know what's happening tomorrow, you've probably been living under a rock.

I have to say that I'm a little jealous of my brother.

What an exciting place and time!

It's a madhouse there, not surprisingly. The wait for a taxi from the airport on Saturday night was ridiculous and he said the city was crowded on Sunday with only about 500,000 people milling around.

I can't imagine what will happen tomorrow when all of the expected 4 million people arrive.

My brother is expecting it to be so crazy that he and my cousin are catching a shuttle at 6 a.m. to make their way into the city.

That's six hours before the ceremony is supposed to take place.

They don't actually have tickets to the inauguration. Apparently tickets were hard to get a hold of. Weird.

But the two of them will get to experience it all. The craziness, the people, the energy. All of it.

And I'm jealous. But do you blame me? I sure don't. It isn't every day we break through barriers as a country.

I guess I'll just have to celebrate from home, from the couch, in my sweats.

My life is rough, I know.



Our family room is in complete chaos.

Furniture is stacked, shifted and bunched. Painting cloths are down. Crap is piled high.

We started the painting and rearranging of the room last week, prior to the Direct TV hook up. And it's just being completed this weekend. Hopefully tomorrow.

The Carolina blue has been covered on the walls, in its stead is a burnt orange.

All that's left is one more coat of paint on the end of the room and putting the furniture in its proper place. Hopefully tomorrow is long enough.

My mom, dad, Jamaica and I are all sharing one couch. Jackson is whining and pouting that there's is no room for him. His life is hard.

I really feel sad that there is no couch space for him. Really. My heart is breaking.

While we're close to having this room put back together, we have a to do list a mile long and chaos in many other areas.

Pick your battles, I say.

A long time ago

If you've been paying attention this blog post was completely different yesterday. And by completely different I mean lame.

So I'm trying again. I've been in a bit of a rut lately, but I'm not going there because I hate sounding depressed.

Instead, attempt #2 at a post about an awesome person. May the force be with me.

Thursday was my best friend's birthday. It wasn't a special number - we're just old enough that birthdays don't really mean much, but young enough that it's still fun to celebrate.

We've been friends for approximately a decade. There was really no official start date, no one time that can be pinpointed. In some ways we sort of slid into the friendship.

Instead of getting all sentimental and sloppy, 'cuz that really isn't me, I want to share some of the memories/things that me make think of her. Enjoy.

-In high we went for a bike ride of a few miles - across busy streets, up and down hills. For some reason that adventure always just sticks with me.
-She used to drive my car around. I was just enough younger that the graduated license applied to me and not her. Boo (on the law and not her driving).
-Songs by Faith Hill and Steven Curtis Chapman.
-A certain road in town that is one of her favorites.
-Roadtripping down (and back up again) the entire Pacific coast, without stopping. And on the way back, in desperate need of a shower.
-A week in Florida spent sleeping in, laying by the pool, and shopping.
-Skinnydipping. 'Nuf said.

And so, so much more.

It's been fun and I am sure there is much more to come. I am SOOO thankful to have Cece in my life.

So thanks for being born...and happy birthday.


Crazy Dog Lady

I have recently realized that if I don't take action soon I could very easily become the crazy dog lady.

Lacey the Labrador and I have parted ways, but after a full five weeks in each other's company I have picked up a few bad habits. I talked to the dog, a lot, by the end of our time together.

Sad, but true.

My sister also took a fantastic picture of me surrounded by three dogs over break. All of us gathered around a love seat.

Many days I don't even bother getting dressed unless something important draws me out of the house.

I enjoy knitting and cooking. I even made gingerbread cookies (albeit with a friend) and distributed them to my neighbors in the retirement community.

Things aren't looking good for the future.

In light of this realization, I am putting together an action plan to overcome the hurdles between and a normal adult life. It's not going to be easy, but I have faith.

Step 1: Find humans with whom to have conversations with during the day. Don't have unnecessary conversations with dogs. I have a cell phone for a reason.

Step 2: Get dressed every day, no matter what I have to do. And maybe make up the face as well. Preferably before lunch time.

Step 3: Make some new friends. Or spend more time with the friends I have. Or both. Basically, I need more of a social life.

Step 4: Maybe even go on a date, preferably not a blind date - those are just awkward. This is a pretty big reach, but it should really help me in avoiding the crazy-dog-lady thing.

Step 5: I am really running out of steps. Suggestions?

Getting with the program

So I gave in and joined Twenty Something Bloggers. I knew it was out there, and could a great resource, but was too lazy to do anything about it. I finally did something with myself. Obviously.


I have a need...

...a need for speed.

I'm a pretty law abiding person. I don't steal; I don't kill; I don't embezzle.

But there is just something about flying across the pavement to lift your spirits.

I'm not a complete speed demon. I don't top 100 mph, or even 90. You won't find me going more than 10 over (at least not often).

And I really try to be safe. If the weather and/or visibility is bad, if there are a lot of cars around, I definitely slow it down.

I do like to drive fast.

Fortunately/unfortunately for me my car is not exactly built for speed.

But that's a story for another day.


I know, I know

It's been about a year and a half since I posted. I'm sorry, but I've been busy. (Both of those statements, except for the sorry part, are a complete and total lie.)

It has only been a couple days and I absolutely have NOT been busy. I spent about 12 hours (exaggeration alert) on the couch yesterday. That time could have included a blog post, but obviously it didn't.

Believe it or not I have thought about posting for a number of days. But the ideas bouncing around my head haven't really matured yet. They're still in the infancy stages and aren't ready for a full on post.

Or at least that's my excuse.

Here's what I do know. I am almost done with housesitting. Lacey the Labrador's family comes home tomorrow night. Or rather I pick them up from the airport.

My dad and I started painting the family room this weekend. It's now less of a sky blue and more of a pumpkin. Quite the transition.

My brother mashed the front of his car yesterday evening. Boo.

I have birthday shopping that I keep thinking about doing, but haven't yet. I really can't put it off much longer. Really.

And that's about all I got. Really.

Lame. I know. I completely and totally admit it. Hopefully things will only improve from here.


Be careful what you wish for...

Whoever came up with that phrase was a genius.

Less than two weeks ago I was over the snow. There was too much of it. It was everywhere. My car probably needs new tires and because of that struggled to make it's way around town.

Well, the snow is gone.

Unfortunately it has been replaced by feet of water, quite literally in some areas of town.

There is so much water roaming around town that schools were closed today. I couldn't get anywhere without some sort of unnecessary detour. My dad and I spent the entire afternoon dealing with a flooded basement and soggy boxes.

Maybe I'll take that snow back. Or not.

Seriously though, I'd give my eye teeth for a couple sunny days in a row. Wait, do I still have my eye teeth?

Anyways, apparently global warming doesn't just mean warmth. Or is this because of El Nino? I can't keep it all straight.

Either way things are out of control. Mass chaos and hysteria are taking hold in the hearts of all local citizens.

It was raining so hard last night that Lacey the Labrador wasn't interested in venturing off of the patio.

That's serious. Real serious.


Beauty: What is it?

I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I watched a lot of reality TV last night. Way more than I meant to, that's for sure.

I saw the second half of the Bachelor. I just have to say that some of those women are a little off their rockers. How they are in love with a man they have never actually met is beyond me.

That is really my big confession. I mean, the bachelor is practically a hometown boy. That's just showing some loyalty and support, while satisfying my curiosity at the same time. I probably won't be tuning in regularly.

At the same time, I don't have much of a life right now, so I may be watching every week. Who's to say?

Then I stuck around after the Bachelor for the new show from Ashton and Tyra. That beauty one that is judging the participants on outer and (without their knowledge) inner beauty.

It's true. I'm coming clean right now.

I was just going to watch the intro, meet the contestants and shut it off. The next thing I know the credits are rolling.

I did learn one of the ten contestants, Billy, is a vitamin shop owner from Lewiston, ID. That's like another hometown boy, well, man. Lewiston is a hop, skip and a jump from where I went to college. He's also the oldest (at 31 years) and I can't help but root for him a little bit already.

But I'm not watching the show again. Ever.

Now excuse me while I tune into the new Biggest Loser: Couples.


College Football

College sports really are my favorite, besides high school and Olympic and professional.

Seriously though, college sports are the best. And college football is right up at the top. Nothing can top college basketball in my book, but that should be a given.

I was watching the Fiesta Bowl tonight (Texas beat Ohio State in case you missed it) and was reminded what I really don't enjoy about college sports, in general, and college football, specifically.

The overplaying of fight songs, and really songs by the bands in general.

A couple years ago I worked a regional for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, a.k.a. March Madness, and by the end of the weekend the bands kind of made me want to slit my wrists.

It's just obnoxious.

And college football is worse because it provides so much time and so many opportunities for bands to strike it up.

During the second half the Ohio State band played their fight song every single time the Buckeyes made a good play. This annoying tendency was only amplified for me by the fact that my father's high school has the same tune for their fight song.

Sometimes I enjoy the band, but more often than not I'd rather have someone creating a soundtrack for the games.

And I don't mean the same old, same old pump up songs. But a little creativity.

That would be an awesome job. Sports soundtrack creator. Sign me up.



I am all about super powers.

Like, what super power would you want if you could only choose one?

I've debated this one for years...the power to heal, the ability to fly, x-ray vision. There are just so many good options.

Or finding super powers in inanimate objects.

For example, fire has the power to burn, ice has the power to freeze. Ok, maybe not all that super.

But certain things really do have powers. Take, for example, minivans.

You've never noticed the super power of minivans?! Perhaps that's because you aren't a single young woman driving around in one.

But I am. And I have discovered that minivans actually allow one to become invisible.

Seriously. It's like I'm cloaked in invisibility. No one, particularly males, take note of me. Don't even bother looking in my direction.

Think I'm joking?

Maybe you should try it for yourself.

On a completely unrelated note, Lacey the Labrador has curled herself between the couch, end table, and wall.

I don't know how she got there, or how she'll get out.



Happy New Year!

Sinnce the calendar has turned another page, which is apparently a big deal, I feel like I should make the obligatory 'New Years' blog post.

I have a problem though.

I don't really have any resolutions. I'm not too worried about making this year better than the last.

Oh sure. There are things I'd like to do, to change, etc. But I've made no list and am not planning to here. Or maybe ever.

That pretty much leaves me with not much to say.

And probably leaves you wondering why I even started typing my keys this afternoon.

Basically I felt every good blogger should post something. And I ALWAYS do what I am supposed to.


Bear with me

I'd like to introduce you to a new concept.

They (It?) are (is?) called 'husbandhunters'.

Now that I've mentioned that word/term you probably have an image in your head. My guess is, it's wrong.

Unless you know me, and then you probably know what I'm talking about.

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. It all started three years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday.....(fade to foggy dream-like scene)

I was headed up for a weekend on the mountain with a large group. One man was promised that he would find his bride that weekend. I don't remember how that promise became a reality - that's not the important part of the story.

Anyways, I decided that if he got a wife, I deserved a husband. And obviously if you know me, I got one.

Or not.

Enter stage left my snow attire for the weekend. The full Carhartt body suit.

Do you have an image in your mind?

No? Let me help you.

Is the image a little clearer in your mind now? Good. Glad I could help.

Now my entire family, and some of my friends, call this ensemble (pronounce on-som-bley) 'husbandhunters'. No matter who's wearing them.

Hard to believe I didn't find a man that weekend.

I did catch plenty eyes though.