Updatedness. I don't know.

Because I have few ideas and little brain power tonight this blog will serve only as a way to update my many loyal listeners (or readers as the case may be).

- - - -

Firstly, I am only four real classes away from completing my coursework at WSU. That is something to celebrate. I also may have earned A's in both my PE classes, which usually are only pass fail. And with only 5 graded credits, I can use all the help I can get. I know my schedule is pretty rough.

- - - -

Second of all, I am off to Omak for the weekend to put my newly adopted accent and my husband hunters to good use. 'Cuz you know what...that's what you do in Omak. And unless you happened to watch extreme bull riding this evening that last sentence will make no real sense.

- - - -

Also, I spoke to my supervisor at the organization of men in spandex, where I will be doing my internship, and I officially start on Jan. 7 and plan to be in Colorado Springs by the fourth do some reconnaissance of the area. Like I learned in the boy scouts...always be prepared.

- - - -

Lastly, I should probably go to bed, or eat some ice cream. That is all.


So, it snowed...kinda.

It attempted to snow here last night. Meaning we got like an inch. Still people manage to have trouble getting around town.

I went out my car this morning to see a black BMW slide its way to the stop sign. Brake, slide, coast, brake, slide, coast. And so it went until the car finally slid through the stop sign.

Then, I got into my older Toyota Tacoma, okay it's actually my dad's, and preceded to make it to campus without a problem. I am sure that is only because I have skillz. (Yes, that had to be with a Z)

The thing is, I love snow. My feeling is, if it's going to be cold we might as well have something to show for it. Plus it makes my uncle the farmer much happier. But really, I would rather we just got dumped on. Give me six inches that I can have some fun in it. Not this fake-you-out with an inch snow. That's just lame.

Maybe I'll get to play in some snow this weekend. I can only hope.

As a side note, I did almost fall and break something on an icy patch. So, I guess even an inch can be dangerous.


Old Womanness

I have come to realize, thanks to a good friend who also meets many of these qualifications, that I am really an old woman in a young woman's body. No, I don't have arthritis or osteoporosis. I just enjoy things that make me rather like an old woman.

First of all, one of my hobbies is knitting. While this alone is probably enough to qualify me as an old woman that is not all.

I love to cook, preferably from scratch. I enjoy reading, especially with a mug of tea in front of a blazing fire.

I don't stay up late. Most nights the clocks strikes 10pm and I am starting to head to bed. Sad, but true.

I get annoyed by my neighbor's (incredibly) loud music. I know this isn't just a problem for old ladies, but still.

All I am missing in my life of old ladyness is a crockpot. Maybe someday...



In honor of Thanksgiving...things I am thankful for:
-the never ending supply of sporting events available for consumption on Thanksgiving
-good music
-good food
-dogs that wake you up at 6am to snuggle
-no homework
-knowing what i am doing in january
-schtuff, of which i have way more than i need
-my sanity, most of the time
-and much, much more...


I'm Here

First of all, I want to announce (picture me with a loud speaker in this section) that I made it safely across the state, and there was actually more snow in the Palouse than there was on the pass. Weird. But good news because the line at Les Schwab this morning was about 20 deep, and I was not waiting just for chains. I'll take my chances, thank you anyways.

Until I got home I had forgotten how much fun puppies are, or dogs. My parents have two. Jackson, an 110 lb. white german shepard/yellow lab mix, and Jamaica, an eight month old springer spaniel.

Upon my arrival home, with my sister, I was greeted by muddy paws and wet tongues. Needless to say I have laundry to do already. (an that came out way more inappropriately than it was meant to, sorry)

But back to the puppy, or Maica as we call her. She is a strange dog, and very out of control. She walks along the back of couches, always prefers to sleep in laps, and watches tv.

Mostly, though, she is just out of control. I call her the whirlwind tornado and that description is mostly accurate.

I could continue on talking about the puppy, but I realize that you probably don't really care. In fact, if you have made it this far through the blog, I applaud you.

Don't even get me started about Jackson!


there's no school tomorrow!!!

A few updates for millions of avid readers...

After making a list, checking it, adding to it, subtracting from it, and adding to it again, I have decided who will or won't receive graduation announcements. All this work is overrated.

And my taller, skinnier cousin and I created the grad party invites. While starting out rather excitedly, we realized that the work necessary to achieve great works of art was not sustainable. And each invite became progressively simpler. Just think of it as some people having a chance to win the grad party invite lottery.

Overall my Sunday evening has been quite exciting!

Now I am watching Pretty Woman. Great movie...much better than creating grad invites.

"A buffet of safety."

Just to share the gloriousness of Pretty Woman with you.

Enjoy! Good night sports fans.


Uh oh...

In preparation for my graduation in early December I have to get announcements sent out to friends, family, etc., etc. In my own brilliance I decided that I would make my own party invitations.

This idea is not bad in and of itself. I am not 'uncapable' of being crafty or creative, but more lacking in experience. But now I am committed. I even went to paperzone today and purchased some craftlike materials.

The worst part is that I only have a couple days to get this done. May the force be with me, and the spirit of craftiness. I'll need it.


Things I have learned recently...

-you are not allowed to touch the net while playing volleyball, thank you FSN announcers
-i am very good at crossing streets, which, a helpful friend pointed out, would be an excellent addition to my resume
-my interests combine to make me sound like an athletic, old woman
-some people are bad drivers, okay i already knew this but i needed to vent
-having 200 tv channels is not a good thing, just ask me what i have done all afternoon
-the mail service cannot be trusted to deliver anything, my glasses went missing and my graduation announcements are missing in action
-sometimes wedding rings look like snowmen, especially when they are in stamp form (it's okay, this probably only makes sense to me)
-coffee is delicious, another obvious one, i know, and not really something new, but so true



Before I really begin my first post, I want to warn you. This blog will almost never be clever, witty, or remarkable. But it will be me. Or as much me as I can manage at that moment. That's my friendly public service announcement for the day.

I am sitting in my living room, watching a fire that I built. I love fire!!! But mostly I love fire in a safe, contained fireplace, stuck behind a metal curtain. And sometimes that is how I like my life. Safe, contained without a chance of really becoming dangerous or unsafe. I don't think that's a bad thing, usually, but sometimes I am probably a little too safe. I get focused on staying in my contained little space, and forget to really live my life.

But don't worry, I am not planning on burning the house down. Besides, it's a rental and I don't think I'd get my security deposit back.