Complete thoughts are overrated.

Because my mind is all over the place, and my arms are so sore I can't lift my arms over my head (or heads over my arm, as I typed the first time), I'm going with the good ol' bullets point method tonight.

What can I say, I'm lazy.  My thoughts for this dreary Monday: 

  • NaBloPoMo is nearing it's end and while some may not consider me successful, I say it's all how you interpret the rules.  30 posts in 30 days?  Check.  I consider myself victorius.
  • Enough with the rain already.  Seriously.  I feel like Noah, minus the boats and the pairs of animals.
  • Watching HGTV is dangerous for my health.  It makes me want to a buy a house solely to be able to remodel.  Too bad you need money for that.
  • I started circuit training today at the gym and I haven't feel like such a weakling in years.  Hopefully I'll be able to wash my hair tonight, but that's a long way to lift my arms.
  • I really need to shower.  And do laundry.  That's the one thing that really sucks about these regular trips to the gym.  All the laundry.  (I know, I know, my life is horrible.)
  • I was craving sweets tonight and tried to distract myself with a salad.  Needless to say, I am still craving sweets.
The End.


  1. I find bullet points are the perfect compromise between writing and abandoning the idea altogether! Plus, we think, for the most part, in separate thoughts, so what's the harm in occasionally writing like it? :D

    And I get your salad/sweet dilemma... you know the compromise? Fruit salad. Honestly. Hits that sugary spot, yo!

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