Summer reading list

First of all, hi. Life has a way of taking over sometimes -- funny how that happens. 

I didn't mean to disappear from blogging for months. A few days turned into a week, etc., and then I felt like I should have some big reappearance post. 

Instead, I'm skipping that. Too much pressure. I'd much rather just start blogging again. 

Today, a visit to a book store netted me three brand new books. I start browsing and it's hard for me to say no.

But I also knew I had one or two books at home I'd been meaning to read. 


Make that 19.

So I've officially banned myself from buying new books. 

Really, I blame my Kindle. It's too darn easy to pick new books to read without leaving my bed. 

No longer. 

Instead it's time to get serious about this stack.