I am a complete and total sucker for macaroni & cheese, and (unlike my brother) I'm not talking about the stuff in the blue box.

By mac & cheese, I mean, freshly grated, creamy, butter-filled, baked pasta dishes.

It's my kryptonite, especially right now when I have a bridesmaid dress to look fabulous in this coming June.

A month ago when I was on the east side of the state, my sister and I had lunch at the Onion before I headed out of town.

I orded the Epicurian Mac & Cheese, mostly because when I saw the words "mac & cheese" I knew I didn't have a choice about what I was going to get.

My only hesitation was the inclusion of American cheese, which has never really been appealing to me.

The dish was ridiculously delicious.  Amazing, melt-in-my-mouth creaminess.

And now I'm on a quest to create something similar. 

Here's what I have to work from:

A blend of Brie and American cheeses, butter, whole cream, sea salt, cracked pepper, and a few other special ingredients. Finished with a crispy baked panko topping.

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