Typing It Up

My job is pretty hard to complain about, not that I don't give it my best shot some days.

Sure, there are annoying aspects, like when a student gives a presentation with ten million statistics at a rapid fire pace and shows a music video that is impossible to keep up with.

Then again, there are also days (like yesterday) where I work approximately one hour, but get paid for six.

As I told a friend, if I go shopping those days then it's like I'm breaking even. $25 of groceries while I'm getting paid for work. Deal.

My job is transcribing, providing communication access in college classrooms for deaf and hard of hearing students.

I get the perks of school (learning interesting stuff--let me tell you about tsunamis) without the crap (assignments, essays, test, and TUITION). Plus, I'm improving someone else's life.

Just give me my gold star already.

For some (or most) of you, you probably know this all. I'm sure I've explained/talked about it before.

But I have to post everyday and I don't want to use all my good material up on the first day.

To give you a real feel for what I do, I thought I'd include some work "typing" or the shorthand we use in our program.  Now I just have to think of something to say.

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  1. I think I got about half of that!

    OK, so what you said about the border kinda got me freaked out. Did you have a bad experience or hear some stories? Share! We don't head up there too often, but haven't run into any problems...yet!