How is 2013 almost over?

Hey friends! 

Sorry I disappeared. I decided to give myself a little break. And it was wonderful. I have lots of saved up ideas for blog posts, but for I'll save those for later.

Instead, I thought I'd take a look back on the past year and wish you all a happy new one.

My 2013 (which seriously flew by) -->

January: I went to a Seahawks game, celebrated a friend's engagement, and started a contract position at the TV station.

February: I visited family in Eastern Washington, moved again, and celebrated my grandfather.

March: Apparently March was boring apparently -- I admitted my nail polish obsession and went for a run (which is pretty remarkable).

April: I enjoyed a weekend at my parent's and accepted a full time, permanent position at the TV station!!

May: Spent a summer-like weekend in Portland and went on a little Ulta shopping spree.

June: Had an offer on a condo fall through, walked in graduation, barely blogged (this ends up being a trend)

August: Shared one of my favorite places for sweets in Seattle, went to a Sounders match, and showed off bits of my condo.

September: Celebrated a friend's wedding in Tennessee, started working on the sidelines at Seahawks games, and bought a plane ticket to see my sis at Thanksgiving (all in one post).

October: Took a whole week off from work and got my hair cut (it was sooo needed).

November: Celebrated Thanksgiving and shared some things I'm thankful for. Recapped my Oct. vacation (Part I and Part II).

December: Shared a billion photos from a visit to Chihuly, enjoyed a ton of time with family and friends, and had a great Christmas (more on that soon, I think).

What were some of the highlights of your year? Are you happy to see 2013 end or wish it would last longer?


Chihuly in photos

Warning: major photo dump coming

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the Chihuly Glass Musuem for an event. Located right next to the Space Needle, it had been on my list of places to visit in town.

The event was fine -- good wine, great friends, but not enough good. The exhibits were definitely the highlight. I'd say the museum is worth the price of admission. 

(I attended the event for free but was not compensated for this post. In fact, they don't even know I wrote it. All opinions/pictures are my own. )


Post-holiday recovery mode

Thanks to Twitter I know pretty much everyone felt about Monday the way I did: it was painful to go back to work.

My morning was made even worse by my starting time: 5:30 a.m.

Plus sides of working that early: really quick commute, getting of at 2pm. I'm sure there are more, but as a non-morning person that's what I came up with.

My break from reality was great. The fam and I went down to the Bay Area to visit my sister. I have plenty to share: good food, pictures of our adventures, and more. But I have to get organized before that can happen.

Plus, I'm really distracted by the Seahawks game tonight. Hard not to feel good about our team right now. Even with some injury/suspension issues, we are dominating so far tonight.


I'm taking tonight and tomorrow to gear up for what will undoubtably be a crazy November, full of parties, work, events, gift shopping and very little time to recover.

So tonight is for laundry.

How was your holiday? Are you fully in the holiday spirit?

P.S. Want a holiday card? Fill in or update your contact info here and I'll make sure to mail one to you!


Time to get ready for Christmas?!

Can you believe Christmas is just over 3 weeks away? This late Thanksgiving is throwing me off.

I'm hoping to send out Christmas cards this year. I meant to last year (even asked for addresses), but never got around to it. I blame the stress of finishing grad school, job hunting, etc.

But this year I definitely want to get them in the mail. Interested in getting a card? Fill in or update your info here.

The short time left before Christmas also has me thinking about presents (in no small part because of the never-ending ads). I've found presents for a few of my favorite people, but I am still on the hunt for a number of them.

I also want to put together a few gifts I'd love to open Christmas morning.

Christmas list: for the home

Christmas list: to wear

To be honest, I'm much more excited about the home goods than the clothes. Home ownership does that I guess. Plus, I've been lusting over copper mugs forever and now I have a little bar space.

What is on your wish list this year? And make sure to let me know if you want a card!