Sunday Funday Fatday

While I lived in a dorm in the land of the Rockies, my fellow interns and I proudly celebrated Sunday Funday Fatday every week.

For many reasons: Monday was the next day, we were usually a little worn out from Saturday night, and it was a good excuse for eating junk food.

Plus, Sundays were the best food days in the cafeteria. 

There was brunch that included Monkey Bread, which is one of the best things I have ever experienced. 

It was cinnamon sugary gooey goodness.  I think Paula Deen has one of the better recipes, which should make clear it's healthiness for you.

Some of my favorite Sunday Funday Fatday memories:
  • Seeing who could eating a McDs cheeseburger in the fewest bites
  • Having a 5 movie marathon
  • Not getting out of sweat pants for the entire day
  • Stopping at multiple fast food restaurants in one trip to get everything we were craving
More recently, with my new quasi health kick, I haven't been participating in Sunday Funday Fatday.  Especially since the holidays provide numerous opportunities for eating delicious, but not-so-good-for-you stuff.

Plus prior to my lifestyle change, I was pretty much engaged in eating whatever I wanted, whenever I felt like it.

So it's probably best that I take a break.


  1. My roommates and I from a couple years ago did the same thing... but sometimes it was Saturday instead of Sunday- depending on how intense the night before was.

    I think our record was 6 or 7 hours in front of the tv. And lots of hamburger helper or Sonic... fantastic.


  2. I saw your blog on 20 something bloggers...I am with you on the health kick, after this long break of eating food 24/7 I need a break and some exercise.