I'm about to go take a slew of outfit pictures to finish up my 30-for-30.  I actually already wore my last outfit.  I just got a little behind, a.k.a. lazy.

But soon I'll be done and we can all move onto March, and whatever that may hold.  For now, I wanted to share some "outtakes" from the past month.

I've been taking my outfit pictures with the self timer set to take multiple pictures in a row.  And since the dogs are usually both big helps in the process, they've ended up stealing the frame from me a few times.  A couple sequences absolutely cracked me up and I thought you might enjoy them, too.

First up is Jamaica ambushing Jackson on the side of my shots.  She's a bit of a menace and he puts up with a lot from her.

The other funny shots also involve Jamaica.  I had decided to take pictures in a chair and Jamaica thought she should be the star.  Can you tell who's the troublemaker?

Have a happy Monday!


This Sunday

I was writing a Facebook status update that quickly became a short essay.  So I said to myself, "Self, why don't you write a blog post instead."

The rest is soon to be history.  (Meaning, I'm about to write it.)

What may today so nice?  Well, thanks for asking.

Sunday was lovely because of (in no particular order):
- snow falling in the morning
- my team beating our in-state rivals
- Colin Firth
- a shower and clean sheets for tonight
- pizza
- fun celebrating a good friend's wedding this spring at a bridal shower
- enjoying the NFL Combine and Criminal Minds on TV
- a male cheerleader getting a technical in the Pitt-Louisville game
- the Louisville arena being called the KFC Yum! Center

Sunday, you clean up nice.

And a little more funny to end the night:
This evening I was also looking at Google Analytics, just for the heck of it, and one keyword search term cracked me up.  "Kiss & tell from sexting to secret boyfriends."

30 for 30 Continues

I'm behind on outfit pictures again.  I don't know how style bloggers do it.  Take the pictures, edit them, and write posts.  High five for you all!

I do have more outfits to share with you though.

Don't mind the quality of the pictures.  I know most are not great.  The weather here has been crazy, it's winter so days are still short, and my work schedule has been completely sporadic.

Also continue to ignore my awkward poses.  Or don't and laugh along with me.

To see a round-up of all my outfits so far, visit this page.  You can also navigate there from the top bar on my blog.

Let's get to pesky #11.  It was a sneaky outfit that I finally managed to capture.

Also, I've given up on dates because things are so hopelessly confused.  The numbers are the actual order I wore things in, however.

#11 of 30
Sweater: Old Navy; top: cannot remember; dress: Nordstrom; belt: Gap; leggings: Target (I think); boots: Steve Madden

Try to ignore how similar this next outfit is and keep in mind they were worn 8 days apart.

#19 of 30
 T-shirt: Target; sweater: Old Navy; dress: Nordstrom; tights: Hue; boots: Steve Madden; necklace: ???

#20 of 30:
 T-shirt: Target; button-up: Old Navy; jeans: Gap; shoes: Converse; watch: Fossil
 I'm pretty much in love with this outfit.  Also, my new hair dryer is amazing!

#21 of 30:
 Jeans and t-shirt: Gap; sweater: Old Navy; scarf: Nordstrom (I think); shoes: converse; flaming hair: out of a bottle

That's all for now folks.  This post is much too long anyways.  I have actually successfully worn 28 of 30 outfits, so I already feel victorious.  I just have to catch up the rest of you.

Thanks for sticking with me. :)


Apparently I'm Stylish

One of my newest blog friends, Laurie at Some Catchy Thing nominated me for an award.  Thanks, Laurie!!!

I'm glad someone finally recognized how stylish I am.

(I kid, I kid.)

However, this award is not without a few strings. 

Here are the rules of the game:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 great bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers and tell them about the award!

7 Things About Me:
1.  I love sports, more than what would be considered "normal" for any woman.  And I'm totally proud of it.  Basketball is my favorite, but there's not much I won't check out or even play.  I don't promise I'll be good at it though.
2.  I skipped the second grade.  After being held back before kindergarten because of my summer birthday, it quickly became clear that was unnecessary.  I was a little bored and more than my teachers could deal with.  So I did 2nd grade over a summer.
3.  I've never broken a bone, but I have stapled my fingers together, gashed a hole in my head, fallen whole-body into berry bushes, has surgery for trigger finger, and even burned my butt.  Nothing serious, but a lot of ridiculous.
4.  I have two siblings, a younger brother and sister.  We were born within 3.5 years of each other.  I'm not quite sure how my mother survived us.
5.  I owned my own mower before I had a car.  My dad and I (as well as my brother and sister at various times) spent our summers mowing lawns, and weeding if it was unavoidable.
6.  I currently work as a transcriber at a local university, providing communication access (via computers) for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, but I graduated with a degree in Sport Management.  I'd love to use it again someday.
7.  I'm kind of a country girl at heart.  I love riding horses, jeans and boots, getting my hands, working up a sweat via physical labor, rocking out to country music, and cruising along in a 4-wheel-drive, manual transmission pick-up (not truck!).  Too bad I live in a city.  Or maybe it just makes me appreciate the country life a little more.

Now, onto the 15 bloggers I'm nominating.  I don't really care if any of you care this on, like some sort of chain letter.  I really just want to see what 7 things you come up with.  Here's my 15:
1. My mom at A Word About Words
2. My sister at Murmurs of Me
3. My cousin at Northern Lights of Joy
4. Christine! at CC Does Seattle

Oh gosh, I'm already exhausted by this list. But I will press on.

5. Carrie at a Chocolate Covered To-Do List
6. Molly at a Foreign Land
7. Stevie at Allow Me to Introduce....Myself
8. Sarah Beth at Midwest to Northwest
9. Jay at Genius Pending
10. Lydia at Shopping and Spreadsheets
11. Jeanna of That's What Je Said
12. Krystal at Village
13. Alana Shana at ColorBlind (Sorry about my idiocy!)
14. Amy at Second City Randomness
15. Alynne at Pink Lemonade

I love reading all of these blogs, for many different reasons, and I can't wait to learn more about (I'm talking to you sister) each of them.

On that note, happy weekend.  I'm an old woman and since my night was so full from watching a play and knitting (I tell no lies), I'm hitting the hay (reference to #7).


Awkward and Awesome: Episode 7

I was going to try and preface this with a little story, but I couldn't come up with anything that wasn't awkward or awesome (see below).  Happy almost Friday!!!

- All the hype about the snow "storm" that turned into nothing.  Everyone had their fingers crossed for a day off, but it wasn't to be.  However, 30 minutes south of us they got slammed.
- The freezing temperature of the computer lab I'm typing in.  I keep looking around for an open window.  Maybe I'll go change the thermostat myself as this can't be good for the computers.
- Switching between my Mac at home and PCs here at school.  I'm constantly using the wrong key strokes for different actions.
- Trying to dress for this cold weather with a limited wardrobe.  I have on two pairs of tights, socks, and boots.  My feet are still freezing. 
- Having trouble using my clutch this morning, an essential skill for a manual transmission, because of the snow stuck to the bottom of my boot.
- Only having two of my three letters of recommendations get done for my grad app.  The school is still looking over my material, but it's freaking me out.
- My realization that caffeinated beverages appear to be giving me headaches.  I love coffee and tea, but I may have to switch to decaf. :(
- Trying to pull a computer roller bag through snow.  It's like a miniature snow plow.

- Getting to hang out with Uncle D for yesterday.  We drove all over the county, quite literally, and got to catch up on life.  He was just here for a few days from Boston as part of our impromptu family reunion. 
- Previously mentioned Uncle D surprising the family when he showed up on our doorstep (thanks Tacoma Crains!) Sunday morning.  He literally bought his ticket a day before he flew out.
- Apples to Apples with large groups of family.  This could probably fall into the awkward category as well, thanks to someone's (you know who you are) dirty mind.  But I enjoy the extra laughter.
- I mentioned this yesterday, but we got to eat some pretty delicious food over the weekend (and leftover throughout this week), which is always an awesome in my book.
- Using a broom to clean off my car this morning.  Quick to use and it kept me dry!
- Working in play rehearsals.  It's totally worth having all the songs in my head and working late into the evening to get to watch an awesome show for free!

Well, I'm off to find a warm drink to warm my hands with.  Hope you're warmer than I am.


Last Saturday

Our very last guest left today (bye, Uncle D!).  He took the shuttle down to the airport on a cold, windy, and snowy winter night.  Needless to say it wasn't a fun ride.

This weekend, however, was gorgeous and sunny (if a little cold).  This was especially a good thing in terms of family relations.  Getting out and being active probably kept us from killing one another.  "Some" of us (you know who you are) don't do well just sitting around for hours.

Plus, if we went out and did something we could sneak a few more sweets.  This was especially important since we had enough sugar-based baked goods to keep a kindergarten class high for days.

Three kinds of cake on Sunday for our after dinner dessert.  That doesn't count the chocolate, cookies and other various treats that were laying around.

Needless to say, our family makes food a priority.  That's why one of the first things my SoCal aunt asked about was the weekend's menu.

See, there I go getting sidetracked by food.

My point was the gorgeous weather.  I only took pictures of our explorations of a state park.  I'm kind of bummed I missed the sunset on the boardwalk across the bay.  Can't win them all.

I'm a little on the tired side, so I just want to give you a mostly unedited glimpse of our adventure.  Happy Wednesday/Thursday.

If it weren't for the big jackets, you could almost imagine it summer.

(Fingers crossed we get a snow day or a late start tomorrow.)


Ten on Tuesday, do it again.

Supposedly we're getting 3-ish inches of snow tonight.  I'll believe it when I see it.

That said, I could totally go for a snow day.  Cuz the weekend wasn't a restful one.

Now, onto the main event!

1. What are your thoughts on Valentine's Day.  Do you love it?  Hate it?
I love it, even if I've never had a boyfriend for the day.  There are many people in my life that I love and it's a great day to celebrate that fact.

2. What is your favorite romantic comedy?
When Harry Met Sally is close to the top of my list.

3. Meg Ryan & John Mellencamp: what's your first reaction?
Fine with me.  I don't really have a strong feeling about it.

4. All time favorite poem or quote?
Cliche yes, but I still love it.  Excerpt from Marianne Williamson's Return to Love:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?"  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates other."

5. What's the longest amount of time you've gone without sleep?
Somewhere between 30 and 48 hours.  It's all a little foggy when I get tired.

6. What color ink do you prefer to use?
I can't say that I have much of a preference.  For me, it's more about the smoothness of the writing experience with a pen.  (Sarah, are you laughing a little right now?)

7. Share with us a blog that you recently found and fell in love with (and link us!).
You probably could have already guessed this, but I read A LOT of fashion blogs.  It's a recent addiction and who knows how long it will last.  A current favorite, Running on Happiness, is fun to look at just for the gorgeous pictures.

Another favorite that I have shared before is Enjoying the Small Things.  Kelle is amazingly honest, has amazing pictures, and has absolutely adorable girls.  You should be reading this.

8. If you could be on a reality TV show which one would you choose?
Honestly, probably the Biggest Loser, not because I need to lose that much weight, but because the idea of having a trainer work with me for such an extended period of time sounds awesome.  Just think of all the cool ideas you would learn.

9. Mountains or beach?
Honestly, it's a toss up.  I love both.  Probably, I would choose beach because ours aren't even a little sandy and the mountains are practically in my backyard (not that I take advantage of them).  So some tropical beach.

10. With the Oscars around the corner, what's your pick for best picture?
Since I haven't seen a single nominee, except Toy Story 3, I don't think I'm qualified to pick.  What do you think?


Too Tired to Post (Outfits 17 & 18)

I'm a little worn out from the weekend full of family.  I had a blast and have a few stories to share.  Mostly though, I'm ready to sleep.  My cousin and I who shared a bed have very different sleep schedules.  And with all the activities going on, there wasn't a lot of sleep to be had.

For now, I'll leave you with a couple outfits from last week.  It should be noted that my self-time expertise came in handy during family picture time.  I'm practically a professional after this month.

Thursday, February 17:
Shirt: Banana Republic; button-up: Old Navy; jeans: Nordstrom; socks: American Apparel; boots: Steve Madden; watch: Fossil; necklace: Target
 Most of all, for these photos, the lighting is remarkable.

Friday, February 18:
Cardigan: Old Navy; shirt: Gap; skirt: Express; tights: Hue; boots: JC Penney; belt & necklace: unknown
 First of all, you can probably tell the angle on these is a little different.  My dad took the pictures.
Second of all, this is definitely my riskiest color combo so far.  What do you think of it?

Lastly, it was windy and my hair looks really red (which is something every member of my family commented on this weekend).

Just to clear it up, it's color in honor of Grandmommy.


Awkward and Awesome: The Midnight Edition

It's practically Friday as I write this, but I never really consider a new day until I've actually slept.  My blog, my rules.  I have for your feasting pleasure another edition of awkward and awesome.

- The phone calls I received last weekend.  Ridiculous.  As an update, he hasn't called back.  I haven't heard from my "boyfriend" either.
- Some of the contents of our now cleaned out hall pantry.  Food expired in 2001?  You can find it here.
- Walking towards someone who is very committed to where they are walking and really needing to get past them, while pulling a roller bag.
- Dragging a rolling computer bag around campus.  I'm so kewl.
- Listening to the nuances of how people speak.  In case you are wondering, none of us are very competent in our use of English.  It's scary sometimes.
- A 3+ hour flight delay.  That's actually more awful than awkward.  Now, my dad, aunt and cousin are passing the time at Denny's.
- My blog post titling abilities.  Let's just say it's not my forte.
- How smudgy my computer and keyboard gets.  It's like I'm a five-year-old getting my dirty fingers all over.

- Family reunion weekend!  Sunday we'll have 17 people at our house for dinner and 8 people are sleeping here.  It should be a fun time, when it's not out of control.
- Going to tea, it's kind of a family tradition, at least when my aunt visits.
- Sarcasm. I don't think any explanation is needed here.
- Extra hours at work for the next two weeks.  (Awkwardly, however, those hours are 7-10 p.m.)

Unfortunately, that's all the awesome I seem to be able to muster tonight.  It could be exhausting, but all I could think of beyond that list were obvious and already used items like Friday, sweatpants, and cuddling with the puppy.  All still awesome, but overused and slightly cliche.

Instead I think I'll take myself off to the land of nod, rest up for the family invasion, a test for a pay raise at work tomorrow, and whatever else might come my ways (because as everyone knows, a good list has three items.).


Outfit 11 is MIA

I played a little catch up this afternoon and took pictures of a week's worth of outfits.  I have been totally slacking in that department.

But when I downloaded the pictures, I realized I was missing an outfit.  If it wasn't for my excel spreadsheet, I wouldn't have even realized.  I'll get to that picture eventually, but for now I'll show off outfits #12-16.

Saturday, February 12:
Rust button-up: Banana Republic; long sleeve t and jeans: Gap; tan booties: Kohls; necklace: unknown
 And my awkward model pose: (You have no idea how many pictures I delete worse than this one.)

Sunday, February 13:
 Yellow sweater: Lands End; Jeans: Gap; Flats: Rocket Dog; Necklace: etsy, Brittany Chavers
The dogs were big helps in the pictures.  Always.  They'll be featured again.  I also have some great outtakes with the pooches involved.

Monday, February 14:
 Button up and cardigan: Old Navy; Jeans: Gap; Flats: Rocket Dog; Belt: Unknown; Necklace: SendtheTrend
This is Jackson getting in on the camera action.  (The springer spaniel is Jamaica.)

Tuesday, February 15: (This was actually worn on Valentine's Day, but I'm a day behind on posting.)
Lips shirt and plaid shirt: Gap; Jeans: Nordstrom; Belt: Wilson's Leather; Boots: Steve Madden; Socks: American Apparel
 I scared Jamaica so much that she dropped her ball.  But she's scares easily.  And I'm a dork.

Wednesday, February 16:
 Shirt and skirt: Gap; tights: Hue; flats: Rocket Dog; necklace: Banana and costume jewelry 

Also, notice Jamaica licking her lips and the dead plants in the pot.  I'm all about setting a scene.

Finally, a portrait of the three of us to round up the post.  Aren't we adorable?!  Thanks for sticking around 'til the end of this one.


Ten on Tuesday: Sugar Hangover

I feel like I just ate dessert yesterday.  Probably because I pretty much did.  If not on Valentines, when is it appropriate?

My doctor would probably argue never.  To him I say "I choose my own destiny."  And apparently I choose an early death.

I kid, I kid.  (About choosing an early death, that is.)

Anyways, on to the main event, Ten on Tuesday.  Feel free to play along!

1. Any vacations you are looking forward to this summer?
I don't have anything planned yet, but I would love to go somewhere.  Just not sure where it might be.  Any ideas for good trips on a budget?

2. What is your favorite article of summer clothing?
Apparently we're over winter with these questions.  I couldn't agree more.  What I wouldn't give for warm sun and a beautiful beach right now.  I don't know if I have a favorite clothing article.  Summery dresses are nice, but I pretty much live in tank tops, shorts, and flip flops.

3. What is your favorite summer drink (alcoholic or non)?
I really liked green tea lemonades (unsweetened) and mojitos!  Probably mojitos the most.

4. Do you tan or burn?
I mostly sunscreen.  Although most summers I'm outside enough that even with sunscreen I get fairly tan.  I did burn my chest once last year, because I spaced out and it ended up being nicer than anticipated.

5. Any goals you are working toward this summer?
My cousin (who WILL be visiting from Finland) and I just decided to do a 7-mile race in July.  So I should probably do some sort of training for that.  7 miles is probably 3-4 miles more than I've ever run at a time.  I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into.

6. What is your favorite summertime food?
I love grilling kabobs and greek salad.  And homemade ice cream.  There's more I can't think of right now, but I'll get back to you in 5 or 6 months to verify.

7. What song most says "summer" to you?
I don't know if I could narrow it down to one.  Country music and summer feel like they go hand in hand to me.  I would love to make it to a few big concerts this year.  Add that to #5.

8. Any home improvement goals planned for the summer?
Well, I don't have a house to improve, but I'm pretty sure my parents would like to redo their back deck, finish the hall bathroom, get A LOT of painting done, and clear out the basement...so nothing major.  Since I live here, I'm sure I'll be enlisted.

9. What is one thing you hate to see at the beach?
Litter.  Dead marine life.  People wearing really, really small swimsuits that should know better.

10. Did you ever go to summer camp?
A few times.  Most years summer camp meant basketball camp.  I did 5 or 6 of those.  I also went to church camp one summer.  I don't remember much from that week, other than it being in the mountains so the river was glacier cold, we did archery, and there were some funny skits at night.

10. Did you ever go to a summer camp?


Outfits for Days 7-10

I'm a little behind on my outfits already.  Don't worry, though.   I have been wearing clothes every day and even just pieces from my 30-for-30 collection (doesn't that sound couture?!), I just haven't gotten pictures every day.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can play a little catch up and crank out a bunch.  It'll be like a fashion show, except more awkward and with a self timer.

Until that awesomeness appears, I'll give you a few outfits to tide you over.

Monday, February 7:
 Sweater, t-shirt (hidden), and jeans: Gap; shoes: Converse
I was wanting to be comfortable.  Also, I'm lazy.  And I'd never make it on America's Next Top Model because I can't control my face and body at the same time.  Often, I can't control either.

Tuesday, February 8:
 Shirt: Old Navy; Shirt: Gap; tights: Hue; Boots: JC Penney; Earrings: Silpada
I'm such a natural in front of the camera.  Naturally awkward, that is.

Wednesday, February 9:

Shirt and jeans: Gap; Sweater: Old Navy; Shoes: Kohls; Watch: Fossil; Bracelet: ever-present hair band
This is what I wore shopping, when I practically lost myself in Michaels (figuratively and literally).

Thursday, February 10:
Shirt: Gap; Scarf: Old Navy; Belt: Steve Madden; Socks: American Apparel; Boots: JC Penney; Earrings: I can't remember.
 Giraffe print--love it!  Although the earrings weigh a ton.
I like to call this outfit "the one worn by a ghost."  It's definitely the middle of winter.  Don't let all the sunshine in these pictures fool you.  I love the details of this outfit, though I do with I had put some tights on.  And some bronzer (I totally typed blonzer the first time--I'm losing my mind).

Also, I have to confess that this wasn't worn Thursday, but that's how I started titling my outfits at the beginning of the month and this was my tenth outfit, so I'm just rolling with it.

This skirt was purchased (along with a couple other items) at the end of January and just arrived and I had purposefully saved a couple spots for anything I really liked.

So there you go.  1/3 of the way through, which is pretty much the hard part, right?

To see a round up of all my outfits so far, go here.


An Unfortunate Incident

I was busy making cookies this morning, when my phone rang.  Well, it actually vibrated.  I can probably count the number of times I've heard my phone ring on one hand.

Anyways, cookies and phone ringing.  The number wasn't one I knew, so I ignored the call figuring if it was important, the person would leave a message.  This is pretty much always my strategy.

I ignored a call from the same number again.  I picked up on the third call, figuring this person might have something important to say.  It was a man yelling incoherently and quite adamant that he DID NOT have the wrong number.  I tried to clarify, but he hung up me.

Then he called back two more times, leaving increasingly profane and impossible to understand voice mail messages.  Unfortunately he seemed to enunciate the swearwords, so I caught most of those.

Apparently my bleeping boyfriend is a bleep and he wasn't bleeping having it anymore.  That's paraphrased and I'm pretty sure there were actually more swearwords than that.  Seriously.

He oddly didn't use any names (that I could decipher) and I couldn't help but think at one point that it might be a twisted joke.

I didn't know, before today, that I had a boyfriend and am rather disappointed that the only thing I appear to be getting out the relationship are slightly scary phone calls.

I should also mention that this nameless angry man might have been intoxicated.  It's hard to tell, though, since I had no sober comparison.

Mr. Angry Pants hasn't called back since early afternoon, which only leads me to assume that he either found my boyfriend (who hopefully taught him a lesson) or passed out from his binge.

Either way, I hope to never hear from him again.


Awkward and Awesome: I think I'll just go back to bed.

I should have a lot of energy today, for reasons below, but I just don't.  This week has taken it out of me and it's not done yet (which is actually unusual).  You should all feel terrible that I have to work on Friday.  Cue the violin.

My life is not that bad.  I know this.  But every once in a while I just need to have a moment.  And that is what this is, a moment.  I promise.  On to the Awkward and Awesome!

- My recent struggle to properly send out edited transcripts.  Today I sent out one that didn't open, one that was unedited, and completely forgot to send one on Tuesday.  Gold star for me.
- Me using my self camera to take outfit pictures.  I don't have a tripod or a remote, because I'm lazy, so it's always a bit of a crapshoot.  And I get bored with myself reallllly easily.
- The weird headache I had last night.  (Is this going to be a weekly feature?)  I'm a bit of a headache connoisseur and yesterday's stumped me.  Maybe it was dehydration or a workout hangover as I told my sister.  Is that even possible?
- Me and Michaels, the crafts store.  I don't have a clue what I'm doing in there and ended up walking down every single aisle.  And I have to go back to return something.  Great.
- Giving my coworker a ride every Monday and Wednesday, but only because it causes me to stress unnecessarily about what music to play.
- The 5 mile run I'm supposed to go on with a friend this weekend.  If you don't hear from me after Sunday morning, just assume I didn't survive.  I don't think I have ever run 5 miles at once.

- Falling asleep at 9:30pm last night and waking up 8:30am.  Score one for 11 hours of sleep.  Totally kicked my headache in the butt.
- The amazing dinners we've been having this week, multiple nights in a row even.  Crab cakes and asparagus risotto, chicken sausage and gnocchi in a red sauce with garlic green beans, chicken curry and brown rice.  Our stomachs are loving life.
- Cuddling under the covers with the puppy this morning.  Sure, I want to change the sheets now, but it was nice then.
- Last weekend.  Yummy good, cousin spa day, visits with friends.  The end.
- A phone date with a good friend this coming weekend (assuming I live through my run).
- College basketball season.  It's the most wonderful time of the year.
- The fact that the sun has shone for 3 straight days.  That's amazing.  I don't even mind that I had to scrape my car.

Well, it's just after 9pm and I'm ready to go back to bed.  Just call me Granny.


Ten on Tuesday All Over Again

Join in and answer this week's questions from Roots and Rings.

1. What's your favorite kind of donut?
I like chocolate/maple bar split donuts.  I can get my two favorite flavors in one delicious flavor vehicle.  I also like apple fritters.  To be honest though, there aren't many donuts that I would turn down.

2. Do you use the snooze button?
That depends on the morning and how much time I've given myself to get ready.  I often end up hitting it a time or two.  Sometimes I'll just reset my alarm altogether.  This usually happens on mornings that I think I should shower.  Sleep always wins for me.

3. Do you write in cursive, print, or a combination of the two?
Definitely a combination.  Never cursive.  I swear that my writing never quite looks the same.  And it quickly falls to pieces if I'm trying to write quickly.  Let's get dropped out or smeared together.  Spaces become nonexistent or huge.  I just can't handle myself.

4. Tell us a joke.
I can't even explain how long I've been staring at this question.  I don't really know any jokes.  And it seemed rather cheap to google one.  I can't even think of a knock knock joke.

5. How many languages do you speak?
One, mostly.  I used to be fairly fluent in Spanish after studying it for over 5 years, but it's been too long now.  (In case you can't tell, English is my language.)

6. Why did you start blogging?
For the heck of it.  And because I was moving halfway across the family and thought writing one post was easier than millions of phone calls to keep everyone up-to-date in my life.  My blog has morphed a bit over the years.  I like to think I've gotten better at it, but nothing is really planned.  I'm an impulsive blogger.

7. Do you use bar soap or liquid body wash?
I use liquid body wash.  I don't like the way bar soap makes my skin feel.

8. Do you buy bottled water?
I try not to, but every once in a while I get desperate.  I need to do a better job of carrying my Sigg bottle with me everywhere.

9. What did you think of the Super Bowl Half Time Show?
Not my favorite.  The attempt to be more relevant after a few years of over-the-hill rock stars pretty much flopped.  If only there had been more Usher dancing and the army of dancers on the field had been choreographed by the Chinese.  Did you see the Beijing Opening Ceremonies?

10. How do you feel about Steve Carell leaving The Office?
I have a hard time imagining the show continuing on very long without him, but I'm excited to see what other projects he has planned.  The man is hilarious.


4, 5, and 6 of 30

Here are my outfits from the weekend.  All with clean underwear!  And this gets me 20% of the way done.  That's kind of close. 

Friday, February 4: A comfy look for the cross-state drive 

Old Navy scarf, Nordstrom dress, Gap long sleeve t-shirt, ?? leggings, Steve Madden boots

 Can you tell how much trouble I was having with the exposure on these last two.  One was way dark, the other was blown out.  Oh, the joys of using the camera self timer.

Saturday, February 5: A fancy lunch out after time at the spa.
Gap rose shirt, Old Navy cardigan, Express skirt, Spanx tights, Steve Madden boots

Sunday, February 6: Driving home and watching the Superbowl.

 Gap long sleeve t-shirt and jeans, ??? mock turtleneck, Urban Outfitters necklace, Kohl's booties

So far I've used 16 of my 30 items.  The Steve Madden boots are an early favorite with 3 appearances.  Unsurprising.

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