A Wee Bit Damp

I had a regular day yesterday.  You know, go to work, go home, stare at Facebook, go work out, and finished up with dinner with some friends.

The Tuesday-night dinner has become a regular occurrence, which is pretty much awesome.  I mean free food.  Come on.

This schedule, unfortunately, results in a Britney concert like wardrobe procession.  And tonight after a stop at the gym, followed by a MUCH needed shower, I decided to dress like a real person.

By that I mean, not just in sweats and a hat.

'Cuz that was last week.

In fact, I decided to venture near the cute end of the spectrum.  You know, dress, leggings, scarf, jacket type getup.  (As a bonus, this outfit is actually as comfortable as sweats, so it's a win-win.)

The problem with this choice was the fact that it was literally raining buckets of water.

I'm not even sure why I took a shower ahead of time. 

The major issue with the outfit was nothing was waterproof, I was wearing flats from Payless, and the scarf was wool.  Ok, major reasons

My only good choice of the evening was leaving my hair curly and not drying it.

You may be thinking that I am exaggerating about the water quantities, but a road that was clear on the drive to my friend's house had turned into a stream or river or lake or ocean or something.

It was serious.  I don't make this kind of thing up.

So I did what any sane person would do when I got home, put on sweats and drank peppermint hot cocoa (from Costco and absolutely delish, by the way).

Sometimes I wonder if that whole cute and fashionable thing is even worth the effort.

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