Thankful For: Episode 2

As expected, life has been crazy. Having OUR team in the Super Bowl is sooo exciting, but also so exhausting. 

However, I wanted to pop in and share a few things I'm thankful for in the midst of all this craziness. 

1. Awesome, supportive, funny, hard-working coworkers. I know they have my back just as much as I have theirs. 

2. Girls nights. A friend and I get together every week to watch Downton Abbey and have food/drinks together. I love having an excuse to meet up each week. 

3. Veronica Mars. I am so invested in this show. I started it last week and am already 2/3 of the way through season 2. 

4. Blackout curtains. With my crazy work schedule those babies are going to ensure that I get some sleep over the next few weeks. 

5. A couple fun trips in the works for this year. I had to request all my PTO for the year earlier this months so I'm already planning some fun stuff. Austin (for a conference), California for fun and and a couple weekend trips closer by. Sooo excited. 

6. Family time. A couple weekends ago my sister came up for her birthday weekend, my dad is down this afternoon, and we have a big family get together in February. Love it. 

7. My Roku. Totally surface-y, I know, but I love being to stream almost anything to my big screen TV. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and more. 

8. Sleep. When I'm not getting enough, I'm extra thankful for what I do get. 

What are you thankful for?


I'll soon disappear

Confession time.

Last week (or was it the week before?) I talked about wanted to blog more and get things together.

But actually I am about to go underground here in blogland.

The next four (five?) weeks will be crazy for work. Extra hours. Weird hours.

First there's the Super Bowl. (Seattle Seahawks, what what!) Then the Olympics kick off, which I'll be covering in real time -- and Russia is 12 hours ahead.

I'm going to try to blog during and get a few things prepped. I also will be reading blogs and hopefully commenting some, but I can't promise anything.

Today and tomorrow I work at 11:30 a.m., but after that I won't be in to work later than 5:30 a.m. And I'll be working most weekends.

You'll see me some in the next week or so. But after that, I'm just trying to stay sane.


Thanksgiving Recap Part II

Better late than never, right?

I thought I'd follow up my first post (a while ago) about Thanksgiving, with a second post. Because I have more pictures.

Day 2 was for adventures and lots more eating. It's just the way we travel.

 While my brother slept, the rest of the family headed out for coffee and to explore around Union Square, where Macy's was all decked out and getting ready to light the tree.

 Then we met up with my cousin, aunt and her boyfriend to head out for dim sum. We ordered A LOT of food. And ate almost all of it.

 The we headed down to the water. We could saw the sea lions, saw the views and soaked up the sun.

 Then we moved on to chocolate. Because dim sum wasn't enough.

 Later that evening my sister, brother, cousin and I headed out for a late night snack.
 And then we wandered around town. And saw all the decorations.

It was the perfect kind of vacation day.

(Sorry I don't have more details. This is what happens when you wait almost two months to blog about it.)


10 Things for Friday

Every Friday, my blog friend Krysten shares 10 things that make her happy. This year, I'm trying to get in the practice of gratitude, so I thought I'd share 10 things I'm thankful for each Friday.

Plus, I'm also really thankful for Friday each week and I like a good play on words.

Feel free to grab the picture and join in, or share some of the things you are thankful for in the comments.

10 things I'm thankful for this week:

1. Skyping with my sister
2. Girls nights
3. Lazy evenings at home
4. Feeling totally supported by my supervisor at work
5. People who make me laugh
6. Egg nog lattes
7. Being forced to think bigger and challenge myself
8. Fun projects for the new year
9. Planning ahead to vacations
10. Having a working computer (after a short breakdown)

What are you thankful for?


Awkward and Awesome: First edition of 2014

Happy Thursday, which is almost over or is over for most of you, which makes it Friday. So that's good news.

I still have two more work days left, but since one of them involves NFL playoffs, I'm pretty okay with that.

I thought I'd stop in and share some of my recent awkward and awesome moments. Enjoy!

- My ability to forget someone's name seconds after they tell me.
- Putting away Christmas stuff. I barely decorated -- in fact I got have more decor from post-Christmas sales than up around the house. Cleaning up should be easy, but I haven't done a thing.
- My ability to waste half of an evening and have nothing to show for it.
- This weather most of the country is dealing with. I'm feeling incredibly thankful for our 40 degrees F. Sorry to anyone suffering! Ugh.
- Trying to play Heads Up with my sister via Skype. We got addicted to the iPhone app game over Christmas break, but it was pretty hard to pull off video messaging. At least it made us laugh.
- My condo complex is pretty quiet but every once in a while it sounds my upstairs neighbors starts stomping around. It's weird.

- I've been reading books! This sounds silly, but there was a period this past year that I hardly read anything. And it's been so nice to read some good stuff. (Maybe if I get it together, I'll even share a few.)
- Gift cards. I had one left over from my birthday this summer, so I got to pick something up today for only $15 (out of my pocket). After the Christmas season and feeling like I shouldn't be spending money it was a really nice treat.
- Making a big credit card payment. I'm a pretty good saver generally, but moving/fixing up a new place/Christmas added up to a higher balance than I'm comfortable with. But I paid a good chunk off and should have it paid off in the next month or so.
- New challenges and focus for the new year. I don't have a long list of New Year's Resolutions, but there are things afoot that will help me grow in the coming months.
- Sister time! My sister was just here at Christmas but she found a cheap ticket to come back over her birthday weekend. I'm so excited for some good hangout time.
- NFL playoffs...I'll be at the game again this Saturday, but this time in the press box.
- Finally joining a gym. I went for my first run yesterday in months and months and almost made it three miles. I was pretty stoked.
- Pie. I've been firmly on the cake team, but then I took a pie class in November and am having fun trying out different recipes. So far I've made banana cream and blueberry. What are you favorites?


Thanksgiving in San Francisco (Part I)

Yes, this trip happened a month and a half ago. But I still want to share it.

I mentioned this way back in November, but since my sister moved to the Bay Area in August, we decided to spend Thanksgiving down there with her.

I hadn't been in the city since an 8th grade science trip, but remembered loving it, so I was ready to head back down.

As with any trip involving (some) members of my family, much of our planning centered around food. I actually flew in on Thanksgiving. I was supposed to get in mid-morning, but my flight was delayed three or four hours (it's a bit of a blur now) because a luggage cart ran into it (seriously).

When I finally made it down, my sister and dad picked me up from the airport where I was greeted with sunny California weather. It wasn't so bad.

We headed over the bay bridge (I flew in to Oakland) to my cousin's apartment in the city for a joint Thanksgiving meal. My cousin, aunt and her boyfriend joined our family of five for a nontraditional meal of shepherd's pie.

Thanks to my delay and our general lateness in preparing the meal, we ate around 8pm, which left me tired, but overall it was a fun afternoon and evening.

Days 2 and 3 coming soon (or eventually).


Influenster Violet Vox Box

As a member of Influenster, I occasionally get the chance to try out new things. This month I was sent the Violet Vox Box to try out a few products.

The first thing I tried out was the SoyJoy bar. I was not a huge fan. The texture was a little weird and it wasn't very flavorful. Just keeping it real here.

Next I went for straight for Sally Hansen New Triple Shine in Dive In. I'm a nail polish addict and this color was right up my alley. It took about three layers to get full coverage and I, of course, didn't let it dry all the way and smudged one nail, but overall I really liked it. And it held up well, lasting about five days without chips.

Next up is the Montagne Jeunnesse Dead Sea Mud Spa mask. I don't do a lot of "spa" type stuff at home, not because I don't enjoy it but because I don't think of it. So I pretty excited to be sent this. The scent was great and it felt really soothing on. Plus, it was easy to apply -- just unfold and press to your face. I don't know if I noticed a huge difference in my skin, but it sure felt good.

To finish out the box, here is a picture of everything that arrived. I'll review the last few items below -- I didn't get individual pictures of each.

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak dry shampoo is in the green bottle above. I haven't used it a ton, but so far I like it. It helps freshen my hair and doesn't leave a ton of visible residue behind.

The Goody headband looked great, I loved the fabric and that it was reversible, but it almost immediately slid off my head. Granted, I had my hair pulled back, but that is when I'm mostly to wear a head band. This is a pretty regular problem for me -- anyone have tips?

I was not compensated for this post, but I was sent these products to review.


December vacation

I don't know when it became a conscious decision to take a break from blogging. It started with the usual of a few days passing with no post. Suddenly I was over a week and thought that maybe I should just enjoy the break, especially once I actually got to my vacation from work.

This past year, this first year of working full time has made blogging hard. Not because I don't have ideas or a desire, but because I spend a lot of time staring at a computer already. Because I find myself busy many evenings. And because there are so many other things I should be getting done.

But this isn't to say I'm ready to leave blogging behind. Having my own little corner on the internet, a place to put down my thoughts and experiences, is something I value greatly.

So I definitely want it to continue. I also really want to give this space a bit of a face lift. But that isn't happening in the near future (though the planning may begin).

I'm not promising to post every day, but I do promise to keep posting.

(And if I'm lucky, I'll get drafts that were started and never finished up eventually.)

How do you fit blogging into your schedule?