Currently: Resting up

I've been taking it easy this week, outside of work that is. And it's been so nice. I've needed some recovery time after all the craziness life has brought. Plus, I have a trip coming up that will require some higher-than-normal energy levels.

So while I'm staying low-key, I thought I'd play a little catch up with a currently post. It's been a while since I've done one, so why not?

Reading: Confession, I barely read anymore. And I'm pretty sure I have technology to blame. I've started a few different books in recent months, but unless I have a day to get through one, it gets set aside and forgotten. This fall, I'm hoping to change that.

Feeling: Like I'm in the groove. While the summer has been crazy with buying a place, moving and weddings, I feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be. I'm content. And it's really nice. It's been a long time since I've been settled somewhere, so I'm going to enjoy it however long it lasts.

Excited for: Travel! Labor Day weekend I'm headed to Tennessee for a good friend's wedding celebration that includes a college football game. It's going to be a ton of fun and require a lot of energy. I can't wait. I also booked a plane ticket to visit my sis over Thanksgiving today. And I'm planning to take a week off in October do some more traveling locally. I haven't been on a plane in over a year, which is completely abnormal. I'm excited to get some more miles in.

Also, I'm really excited for football season, fantasy football, Saturdays on the couch watching as much as possible, and I get to work on the sidelines of 5 Seahawks games. It's going to be awesome.

Wishing: I had a gym membership. Yes, I could be proactive and go outside for some exercise (the horror) and I should, but I really miss lifting weights, which does not happen outside. There's a gym a few blocks away with a $10/month membership, so I may go for that once life settles down a bit. (And after I make my first mortgage payment.)

Eating/drinking: Anything that takes only minutes to prepare. This week, I've been enjoying French bread, cheese and grapes, avocado on toast, and apple slices dipped in honey peanut butter yogurt. If I can get it ready in five minutes, then I'm all for it.

Watching: I've mentioned it before, but I have been addicted to Suits recently. Tonight I caught up though, so it's almost time to find a new fascination. I have a couple shows I've been wanting to watch, now I just have to pick one. Funny, serious, old, new, short, long...I can't decide. Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.

What are you up to, currently?


Hot Cakes - worth waiting in line for

I've mentioned Hot Cakes a time or two on the blog before. It's my favorite indulgent treat. 

As long as you have a sweet tooth and love chocolate you'll pretty much be in heavy.

(Though there are actually nonchocolate and savory options. I just don't know much about them.)
Hot Cakes actually started as a food truck. Now there's a storefront in Ballard. It's often crowded, especially on weekends, and may require a wait in line.

That gives you extra time to decide what you want to eat.

The shop is pretty adorable too. But I'm pretty focused when I visit, so I don't have too many shots of the decor.

And if you really love this place, you can actually take some home to bake yourself.

In addition to the molten cakes, which I love, I've also fallen in love with their boozy milkshakes. My two favorites: the chocolate peanut butter cake and the drunken sailor milkshake.

One of these visits I'm going to try the grilled chocolate sandwich too -- it even comes with caramel for dipping.

Where's you favorite spot to get sweet treats?


A night with the Sounders

A couple weekends ago I had the chance to take my dad to a Sounders game.

We're both die-hard sports fans and I love nothing more than catching a live game with him. Together we've seen basketball, football, wrestling and more.

The atmosphere at Sounders games is hard to beat, so when my cousin let me know he had a couple extra tickets, I didn't think twice.

The tickets were great. The fans were loud. And the weather was beautiful.

And we won!

What's your sporting event of choice?


My latest addiction: Suits

I've been battling a migraine all day. It started in my eyeball (only you migraine sufferers will understand this.) and has progressed to a throbbing in my right temple.

I had hoped a nap would alleviate the pain, but I could fall asleep -- blackout curtains, fans and all.

Luckily, I have been able to distract myself with my current television addiction: Suits.

Have you seen it?

The series features smart, handsome men, spunky women, banter, intrigue and more. And it's available through Amazon Instant Streaming. (Thanks Prime!)

That means with my Roku I can stream on my TV and lay on my couch all day long.

What shows are you addicted to right now?

This post is in no way sponsored. I'm sharing my love of Amazon Prime, Roku and Suits because I feel like.

P.S. Two posts in one day? Say what. I don't even know myself anymore.

Condo progress: things slowly shaping up

I'm home from a second weekend in a row of wedding celebration. I'm ready to hang up my bridesmaid dress for a while. And get a full night's sleep.

While I'm recovering, I thought I'd stop by with a few close ups of the new place. It's no where near done, but I'm making a little progress every day.

The new place is coming together very slowly. I was in a wedding this past weekend and head to another one in just a couple days, so my weekends haven't really given me a chance to accomplish a lot.

But hey, I changed my address officially. Baby steps people.

Some of what has happened:
- Kitchen is mostly organized
- Purchased a couch
- Painted my dining area
- Have clothes put away
- Bought some much needed items (and some less needed items)

What I still have left to do:
- Tackle the random boxes of crap (you know the ones I mean)
- Really organize the kitchen and figure out where I want things
- Hang something, anything on a wall
- Get my mirror attached to my dress
- Buy a few necessary screws and nails
- Finish miscellaneous paperwork stuff
- Many, many other things I can't thing of right now.

That list was supposed to make me feel more accomplished, but I mostly feel a little exhausted looking at it.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.