Hook, line and sinker.

I like playing with make up. Trying new looks out. Playing with colors and products.

Unfortunately this also means that I am easily tempted to purchase makeup. It's my latest obsession.

While I may not have spent money on shoes recently, I have definitely spent money on makeup.

Nothing reels me in more than a free gift with purchase.

You know what I am talking about...spend $29.50 and get this free gift set valued at $55. Or spend $50 and get free shipping.

Those suckers get me everytime. In fact, I'm better off not even looking at makeup unless I actually need to purchase something.

This tendency has also led me to have one of the diverse collections of products ever. I don't buy a bronzer based on what is recommended by every consumer and magazine out there, I buy it based on what else I can get for my purchase.

Thanks to a lack of income in recent months I haven't gone too crazy with the purchases, but I haven't exactly abstained either.

I can assure you though, when I take to the streets my face looks good.


  1. Remember -- nothing backs up a blog post like pictures!

  2. Modest?

    Jay your right! - but this isn't a first.

  3. I am a sucker for that kind of crap too...it's an addiction. :)