Sometimes driving takes longer than normal because of stupid people. Today it took longer than normal because of weather.

And while I am okay with that, it still wasn't fun.

A six to six 1/2 hour drive took eight. Bummer.

The puppy was crazy too.

But we made it. And that's what counts.

Hasta la vista

I am leaving tomorrow morning from B'ham and am not sure when I will return. Which is weird to me.

Going off to school was totally different because I know the semester would eventually end. This is a little different.

I could sit here and talk about the joys of trying to pack everything into my car, saying goodbye to friends and this gorgeous town, and the scariness of new beginnings.

Instead I want to talk about beauty. I am a big fan.

Not the 'wow, she's gorgeous. what make up does she use?' or 'i don't mind looking at him all day' kind of beauty. But the sunsets so beautiful you wish you could paint, white world covered in snow and cleansed of its dirtiness, perfect day for flying a kite kind of beauty.

Our society on what, to me, is the wrong kind of beauty. We (I) lose our perspective. Everything is measured by pant size, bust line, body fat percentage. Beauty is categorized, boxed in this narrow definition.

So here's to taking a moment to look at real beauty, and not worrying so much about that fake stuff.




That's the one word that comes to mind when I talk about moving.

Just when I thought I had done a majority of the work by moving everything home from school, I have to do it all over again.

And this time it's worse because I can't take everything with me, because it also has to fit in my vehicular.

What to take? What to leave behind?

Of course, I also have about 24 hours to get it all done. So good luck to me!

It exhausts me just to think about it.


The Challenges of Blogging

So I am rather new to this whole blogging thing. In fact this blog marks my entire career, meaning about a month and a half.

I am still trying to get my sea legs so to speak.

Early on I tried messing with colors for my posts and quickly realized that the standard colors were much more appealing than the options I came up with.

I have also attempted to use tagging, and was quite successful or so I thought. But recently that practice has fallen to the wayside. Although in all reality, that may just be from a lack of creativity.

I haven't attempted to add movies or pictures. At the moment that seems like more than I am capable of.

And I definitely don't edit HTML much or at all.

So bear with me as I learn and grow and become the blogger I was born to be.



I have never considered myself to be spoiled.

I have watched episodes of 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' or those ridiculous wedding shows where couples spend over $100,000 on flowers. And that's not my life. Some of those people spend more on their dresses than I will on my entire wedding, whenever that occurs.

But I also have realized that I am fairly spoiled. Just not in quite the same sense.

While I have school loans and a car loan, my parents also try to meet as many of my needs and wants that they can.

Example 1:
A few days before Christmas my mother mentioned they still didn't have a big gift for me. I threw out a few ideas, but didn't really have anything specific in mind.

Then Christmas came around and big gift turned out to be a brand new stereo system in my car that works with my iPod and my cellphone. Crazy! It didn't come cheap either.

So now I have a nice car, with a nice system. So I guess I am kinda spoiled.

I apologize. Sorta.


Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, or wonderful winter to you!!!

Whether you open presents, celebrate Jesus' birthday, or have already lit your menora, I hope you are enjoying the season.

We even got to see a little snow falling this morning. Of course it was mixed with rain and never had a chance of sticking, but it was still snow!!!


Something Fun.

You know something that is pretty awesome. Sharing a bathroom with four other people. It's a lot of fun really.

I am home from Christmas. (Surprise!) And my parents are in the midst of remodeling their bathroom.

I feel like we should have a sign up outside the door for when everyone gets to use it. Sometimes there are actually races to see who gets to use the toilet first.

Adults at their most mature.


Missing Out

95 percent of the time I am quite satisfied, happy, and content with my life. But every once in a while doubt creeps in.

Tonight I hung out with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. Since this summer she has purchased a house.

Well, more of a condo really, but that's not the point.

It's a nice two bedroom, 2.5 bath with cute furniture and fun colors. It just made a small corner of my heart wished I had something like that.

And then I remember that I am moving to the land of the Rockies, and will get to work and live with world class athletes. I also realize that there will also be things that I never have that everyone else does.

That's okay, too.

Because, really, I have everything that I need.



I was reminded today that I really like watching college basketball. A lot.

It's better in person, but watching it on television isn't half bad either. Hopefully the cable television at my internship includes all the sports channels. And my roommate also enjoys sports.

It's strange to think in three weeks I will be sharing a room with some stranger, and a little scary. What if we have nothing in common?

I will spend five months in a small space of awkwardness.

'Well I'll tell you wut...I'm just gunna pray to God 'bout it and trust he will take care of the sitiation.' (for more enjoyment, read with a country twang)

I try to not focus so much on the scary side of moving by myself 1500 miles away. More alone than I've ever been. *Sniff*

Ok. Not really.

Mostly I am excited to see what's in store and have a ton of fun. And yes...I'll take a little cheese with my whine. :)



I learned something today.

You can bartend at the age of 18 in Hawaii. Which is strange because the drinking age is still 21.

Apparently the government blackmailed Hawaii when the drinking age there was still 18 and threatened to take away all funding if they didn't raise it to 21.

What I don't understand is why they didn't require bartenders to also be 21. So strange.

But if you are really interested in a bartending career then Hawaii is the place to go. It would really give you a leg up on the competition so to speak. Think about it.

Just as a warning, all this information is completely second hand and was not researched.

On that note, I am off to make mixed drinks.


One serious, one not so much

I have been thinking recently as Christmas approaches about needs and wants. Personally, I don't have many needs in my life. I have a home, food, clothes, and people that love me.

On the other hand I have a lot of wants, many that I get confused with needs. A nicer car. An iPod big enough to fit all my music. A newer computer. All things I have either recently purchased, received, or hope to have soon.

Other items including clothes and shoes (I don't even know how many I have) are always on the list of things to buy. But the thing is. I DO NOT need it.

So why?

I think it is partially the society we live in and partially just plain old human weakness. It is something about myself that I need to work on. That's for sure. Because at some point it becomes ridiculous, unnecessary, and distracting. And I passed that point some time ago.

- - - - - -

I watched the Borne Ultimatum tonight. Well...sort of. Basically I can't tell if it is any good because the rental DVD that has already been viewed by at least a million people didn't work. So I have seen about 30 minutes, and most of that involved fighting.


Maybe someday I will see the end.



I constantly talk about my lack of patience, not on this blog, just in general. But occasionally I have moments of great patience.

For example, during the past couple days mi madre, the sister, and I have taken up a number of knitting projects. (Please refer to my blog on my life of old lady-ness for clarification) Mi madre started a scarf out of two separate yarns, and then decided to take it out and start over.

Bad idea.

The fuzzy yarn had entangle everything and ten minutes into taking it apart she was ready to crumple it all up and throw it away.

In comes patient me. I spent about an hour and a half pulling it apart and winding it back up. Unfortunately the fuzzy yarn could not be salvaged. It is lying on the living room floor resembling some sort of dead creature.

So there's my patience for the day.

Come to think of it, maybe I am just stubborn. Who knows?!


It's been a while.

Do you ever get those epiphanies? Suddenly some aspect of life is so clear, and you have so much to say about it. Well, I have been waiting for one of those moments, 'cuz they make for a good blog. But NOTHING has come to me.

So here's what you get instead.

Monday, I ventured to the land of our friendly northern neighbors. Meaning Canada, Vancouver specifically. To be even more specific, Granville Island. Apparently I explained that a little backwards.

Overall it was a successful trip. I ate some delicious food (although it was a little pricey), I bought my mother a Christmas present, and I managed to piss off a number of people with my horrible driving.

Now I know why we say 'those crazy Canadian drivers' down here in the States.

Honestly I have nothing against Canadians. I know a lot of nice ones.

It's definitely easy to drive poorly if you are slightly turned around. I managed to run a few red lights, barely miss a couple pedestrians, and cut a few cars off. Successful driving in a foreign city if you ask me.

But I got my teapot across the border. Although the old one (please refer to previous blogs about my roommates) and I were slightly confused that it would confiscated because it had the word 'pot' in its name. *Phew* I am glad that worked out.

So that was the trip 'cross the border.

And I just noticed that I include three items in every sentence I am listing something. Weird. I also say things three times when I play volleyball. Whatever.

'You don't even know.'



I am leaving school behind tomorrow. While I have been mostly finished with classes for the better part of a couple weeks, tomorrow the end is for real.

More real than graduation, than the last quiz, than the final paper. I don't have my degree yet, but the university life is over. Instead next semester I will paying to work an internship somewhere in the great state of the Rockies.

I am not scared for what's ahead...mostly. But I am not to excited for not having this life anymore. It's not a big deal, but I like what I have.

And it isn't even about change. I know, I knew, change was coming. The new is not so bad. In fact, I am excited for the new. But leaving the old behind and not having it anymore kind of sucks.

And so...here is what I will miss...what can't be replaced:
-Laughing at the ridiculousness of me and my roomies
-Thursday night dinners
-Riding horses and moving cattle
-Singing at church
-Having family...really close by
-Eating to my heart's content in the press box
-Playing in parks
-Ricos, Rancho
-the Rec
-and so much more

While there are a few things that I won't miss (the electricity bill in the winter), I will miss this life. I am excited for what ahead though. I promise!


bull riding

the following must be read with a country twang for the most enjoyment
(as heard on extreme bull riding)

"a pulled groin muscle is a serious injury."
"he won the Looone Staaar high school championship."
"we got a good raising...that's what we call it at home."
"it's never a good deal when you're a bull rider and spur is up by your right ear."
"no win-o tonight."
"he keeps his butt in the right spot."
"winning is between your ears...it isn't in your pants."
"which girl is the prettiest...it just depends on who's lookin"
"he 'bout got drove to denny's."
"you talk 'bout getting your business horned on."
"he coulda worked on that get off."
"2300 lbs...that is a load."
"he just got wrung out like a dirty shirt."

so many good reasons to watch bull riding. those are really just a few.


I've got a little hitch in my git-along...

In attempt to go riding this afternoon...the tall one, the old one and I failed. We had decided to try out a horse that hadn't been used much. Bad idea. Especially since we probably weren't paying attention to it.

We had mostly gotten our horses tacked up, and were getting the last bridle on. One horse bit Buster (the best horse ever) and Buster bit her back.

The next thing I know there's a hoof connecting with my thigh and I am lying in the fetal position on the ground under Buster's belly. Luckily, Buster knew I was there and swung around to miss stepping on me.

Now I am moving like an 80-year-old woman well before my time. Maybe when the bruise turns pretty I'll let you see it. Until then, I just hope I can get out of bed in the morning.



My family has made the seven-hour trek across the state for graduation. (In case you didn't read the last blog, I am done with school and graduating in 15 hours.) Not only did my parents and brother come, but my grandpa was also part of the voyage.

Anyways, family always makes for some interesting stories, at least mine does, so I thought I'd impart a few stories to anyone who might be dropping by my blog.

The first story is from this very night. It was decided no one wanted to cook dinner, and we agreed that thai food would be an acceptable option. After narrowing our choices down to about seven dishes, my dad placed a call to the restaurant.

He realized before he placed the call that he needed a name for the order. Because this was an asian establishment, he decided to use the name Duong. So the very caucasian man caused both employees he interacted with to do a double take. It was pretty funny.

The second story occurred while I was home for thanksgiving break. My father and I were at the cell phone kiosk because it was my turn to upgrade. Dad was quizzing the man helping us on what the best option would be. At one point he asked what if I was one half of a conjoined twins, what would be the best option then. It was pretty ridiculous and funny, and luckily the man helping us thought so too.

Basically, my dad is good for a laugh and stories to share for years to come. At least I laugh.


Word Vomit

My brain hurts, literally, and still I sit here writing. That means you readers should probably watch out because I am primed for a condition I had dubbed word vomit.

It occurs when I lose control of my thoughts, and may not have the energy to write, and then....blah...up comes whatever. Hopefully that picture wasn't too graphic. And just so you know I wasn't talking about actual vomit. Just the fake kind. :) Also, I couldn't think of the correct sound effect, but a I pretty sure 'blah' isn't it.

To share something real with you...I took my last class today. For the foreseeable future for sure. I do not doubt someday a will return to an institution of higher learning for a bigger degree, but for now my bachelors is enough. Especially since I am not entirely sure what I am going to do with myself for the rest of my life.

That said I will definitely miss school, especially this past semester. Somebody today told me I should have gotten another job this fall, because I had work study available. But I had too much fun in all my free time for that to have worked out. For the first time in my life, I felt like a real slacker. And it was fun.

Now I just have to survive a weekend of family, ceremony, and unnecessary driving. Should be fun.



I feel obligated to post another blog. Especially since I took the entire weekend off. However, I don't have much to say and tomorrow has turned into today. Wednesday seemed to sneak up on me this week. So I apologize for the lateness and the possible confusion my random writing may cause tonight/this morning.

It is interesting to me that you can spend only a short time with someone, and maybe not even enjoy them that much, and still seem to talk about that person a lot afterwards. An example of this situation would probably be helpful at this point.

This weekend the tall one, the old one, and I met a boyman during our adventure. Boyman was somewhat creepy, and consistently inappropriate. Let's just say for the first time in a while I truly felt the chance to get some, as it were.

However, our encounter with Boyman has provided endless fodder for jokes, and almost every conversation we have somehow comes back to him. And we didn't even enjoy our time with him.


At least we can laugh about it.


The Roommates' Excellent Adventure

On Friday, the tall one, the old one and I packed up as much as we could fit in a Honda Accord and ventured into the great northern nothingness. This trip was to visit the tall one's boyfriend, and none of us were quite sure what we were getting into.

Out in the middle of nowhere took on a new meaning. I mean...the nearest Walmart was almost an hour away. The weekend involved awkwardness, laughter, and some relaxation. Most of the stories we have will seem much less amusing to you all, so instead I will impart some of the wisdom I came across this weekend:
  • Graduating from college makes you 24 years old
  • People can be related through blood, whiskey or pepsi
  • A bar in the middle of nowhere can still have really good food
  • A bear rug can serve as an excellent matress (thankfully I learned this one by observation and not experience)
  • Supercenter Walmarts are always busy...it doesn't matter where they are located
  • 30 mph is the appropriate speed in snow no matter the condition of the roadways
  • Snow falling and wind blowing combine to make the road hard to see
  • It is possible to wash dishes from three meals in the bathroom sink
  • The trap under the sink must be full of water otherwise you will die from gas fumes (luckily I am still alive to report this one)
  • There is no such thing as sunshine, only dark and darker
Wal I'll tell you wat...it was a humdinger of a weekend.