I have been somewhat remiss in my blogging duties. Not that I consider it a duty to blog. Well, maybe sometimes.

Anyways, I'm back. At least for the evening.

So I got my haircut this weekend for the first time in too long. Like five months too long. I call it being green. (Or lazy, take your pick.)

Not surprisingly the woman straightened my hair. The usual. Plus, then it's easier to tell if there are any problem areas.

However, it was a rainy day. I live in the PNW (Pacific Northwest, for you non-natives), and it is rainy here. A lot. Including the day I got my haircut. Of course.

This was unfortunate for a number of reasons.
1) My hair did not remain straight.
2) The hairspray used turn my hair into a slightly knotted, gross, wet mess.
3) We were trying to move my bro. (Unrelated to my hair, but not the rain.)

The styling was very short lived. And my hair turned nasty.



Giving thanks

I was going to attempt the ABCs of my thanksgiving, but I quickly became overwhelmed and wanted to use the same letters over and over again.

Like 's', a lot of things I am thankful for start with 's', and 'f'.

Shoes, Stephanie, Steve, Sunshine, Summer, Socks, Sarah, food, family, friends, fun, fall.

Like I said, it was rough going.

I did have a good one for 'u', underwear. An obvious choice if you ask me.

Instead of the overwhelming ABCs, I'm just going to meander my way through my thankfulness.

My life is fairly blessed, unemployment withstanding, and today is great day to remember that.

I have great family, friends (many of whom are quite to far away), I don't want for anything - I have the basic necessities in life. Most importantly though, my life is full of love.

And so I am going to remember everything in my life by eating myself into a coma, sacrafice for the team.

In case you were wondering, I will be passing out on an unmade bed. That's right, I didn't make my bed last night. So sue me.

[Title here]

I had an idea, or ideas even, for tonight/today's blog.

Thoughts of the my thankfulness via the ABCs. Ideas of how I just discovered I'm an adult for real.

Thoughts. Ideas. Plans. Premonitions. They were all there.

Instead I have a dilemma. The unmade-bed dilemma. This afternoon (well, yesterday afternoon really) I decided it was time for clean sheets. Now, almost 12 hours later, it seems like a lot of work.

Yet somehow, I am finding time to scour for pictures of Heidi and Spencer's wedding, and I don't even watch the Hills.

What is wrong with me. Really.

So I might make my bed, or they (they meaning family) might find me in this exact position in the morning.

It's hard to tell.

Either way...happy Thanksgiving!!!


Latest overused cliche

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but there's been a trend recently.

People seem to be in love with using the phrase "it is what it is."

I'm not saying the phrase is used inaccurately, but how hard it is to use such a vague phrase correctly.

Sportscasters, political correspondents, economists...you name it, they've used it and I've had to hear it.

My challenge to everyone out there who is tempted to use the phrase, try to be a little more creative. One of my favorite phrases recently used "they could either be outside the tent peeing in or inside the tent peeing out." (think keeping your enemies close)

Now that's some creativity.

Let's take it up a notch people.

Lack of follow-through

I don't know if you've been paying attention much, but repeatedly since I returned home I have mentioned my need to get organized.

I have a confession to make: it hasn't happened.

Organization is something I like, and currently crave. But, frankly, I'm overwhelmed by my crap. Seriously overwhelmed.

Combined with other stuff that has been thrown into my room since I first left, I'm just not sure where to start.

But I came to a realization this week.

I need to downsize.

I'm not talking about getting rid of a couple shirts that I haven't worn in forever and don't even really fit. Nope, what I have in mind is getting rid of enough that it fits in the space I have with maybe even some room to spare.

This is going to be a project. Definitely bigger than the usual sort-and-stuff method I use to clear floor space.

So I am also being realistic about it and not even trying to start until next week. With Thanksgiving and siblings coming home and cooking and maybe even a wee bit o' shopping, I think starting the Ultimate Sort would be better left to after the chaos.

I'm trying to set myself up for success.

So...t-minus one week until the Ultimate Sort. You heard it hear first.


Wish List

Now that I am really trying hard not to spend money, I like to fake shop online. Meaning I put things in shopping carts/bags but never actually check out.

Originally I was pretty conservative about it. I only shopped the sale items - like I used to do when I made money - then I realized since I'm not buying this stuff I might as well for the top o' the line.

So I did.

Here's my current fave outfit, complete with accessories, of course.

So there you go. My completely imagined, holiday-party outfit. (Dress & earrings courtesy of Nordstrom, shoes and clutch courtesy of Piperlime)


Self-Titled Albums

Are a cop-out.

Seriously. How much creativity does it take to decide to call your album whatever your name is.

Here's what I think...release a self-titled album after you are already well established. So when people see the album called "Self Titled" they know exactly what they're getting.

Then it's like a statement.

Besides the fact that a lot of the time the album title is also a song title, and since most people have already named their songs, creating an album title shouldn't be that hard.


On a totally unrelated note, I saw advertisement on a bus today that said 'Rethink AIDS.'

I probably missed some very important, essential information that would have explained exactly what that meant.

But all I could think was, "isn't it a little too late to be rethinking AIDS."

Like, a few decades.


Dear Grey's Anatomy,

What in the world have you done to Izzy???

I am all for a little crazy. For twists and turns that keep the viewer (me) tuning in to see what might happen next.

But this is beyond a little crazy, beyond even moderately crazy.

This is crazy, crazy.

Really, Denny. Really.

It was one thing while he was hanging out in the operating room of the patient that Izzy essentially stole a heart from for Denny. Okay, I get him being there.

But he continues to hang around, and now they're having sex.


And although no one can see him, the sex is real enough that she's getting all sweaty.

I stuck by you through the Callie-trying-to-figure-out-being-gay thing, I like that you brought back crazy Army guy and have shown McSteamy's softer side, but I'm not sure I can follow you on this one.

Poor Karev isn't going to survive these crazy women either.

So either you pull out a sweet-looking bouquet from your crazy magic hat in the near future, or we may no longer be on speaking turns.

I mean, seriously.

I had imaginary friends when I was a kid - well, I didn't, but my sister did - and this is NOT the same.


Neverending Quest

I have now been looking for a job for two and a half months. The timing really could not have been worse for me. My job ends, the economy goes in the crapper.

Recently I realized that I really just need to make some money. I have bills and loans that need to be paid, which is hard to do if you're broke. (Luckily living at the parents is cheap, however.)

So I've moved onto to temporary, not for the rest of my life employment. And I'm not having much luck there either.

Never would I have thought that not having retail experience would cause me problems. But that's what's happening.

I drive around town with resumes in hand hoping for something. Needless to say, I am feeling a little depressed about the whole situation.

Maybe I'll just go back to school. That's always an option.



That's what day it is today. Although it's almost over. I like to remind myself of the day/date because I don't have much going on in my life to mark the passing of time.

I will say that I have been unemployed now for two months, 18 days, five hours and a couple handfuls of seconds - not that I'm counting.

(In reality I just did some mental math to figure that out.)

I was watching the 60 Minutes (not the most creative show title) interview with the Obamas tonight mostly by choice. It was a choice in the sense that I stayed in the room, but my mom would have watched it regardless of my presence. She sort of has a crush.

As I sat there watching the interview all I could think was, 'I wonder how Obama would look with a goatee?' No joke, that's what I was focused on.

I quickly dispensed with the idea of a beard or mustache, but I think he could pull off the goatee. I'm not sure he should but I think he could.

I also realized that Obama and I share in the unfortunate curse of initials.

Think about it. B.O. Bummer dude. Mine...EEW. As in eew, gross.

There aren't many people that can be saddled with such a handicap and still be successful. Well, at least one of us is. I mean, being president is kinda a big deal and all, but I actually got out of the house today. I did not put on a real bra though, so I guess I broke even.

Also, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition made me cry, like usual.


Text Messaging

Everybody does it. Truly.

Well, expect my grandparents, but that's a different story.

Here's my problem though. I have not and probably will not get into or even appreciate the slang/shortening stuff that people use. Lack of punctuation, really.

Some of my least favorites:
'how r u?'
4 instead of for
ur instead of you are
run-on sentences that take forever to decipher - I know a period is not that hard.

I'm not asking for, or expecting, perfection.

But really people we are talking about a few seconds of your life. You lose more time sitting at red lights (probably texting then too, let's be real).

I get if you're driving and can't take your eyes off the road. But these phones are crazy cool and have word or T9 or whatever your version may be. The phone will actually spell the word for you.

Take a couple seconds and help yourself not become illiterate because your forgot what an apostrophe was. Really people.

Scoff all you want, but I am a woman who recently had four full sentences and also used the word approximately in a text. Completely spelled out.


The time between day and night

You know the Twilight books, right?

I'm going to pause right here and say that if you don't perhaps you should go catch up on the latest. Take some time to browse through the internet. Do it.

Anyways, these books - which I have not read, and most likely will not read - are the latest craze. For teenage girls, for women who used to be teenagers, and I'm sure for many other individuals.

While I have no plans to read these books, I am not judging those who do. My literary choices are not always the most brillant. Believe me.

This is what I've ascertained about the books: they involve teenage love, the boy is a vampire, and they are set in Forks.

About that last point, I've been there. I don't really have any distinct memories, except of the middle school gym. But that's my claim to fame for the day.

I was actually close by this past weekend. Well, that may be a bit of stretch, but I was closer than I am now so that means something.

And the good news.

You too can visit Forks, and now there are tours and souvenirs (I'm sure), and who knows what other money-making schemes.

I'll say this about people, we definitely keep our eyes peeled for a chance to pocket some cash.

Since I'm lacking in it (cash, I mean), I don't really blame those enterprising souls.


My eyes are heavy.

Being unemployed has totally upended my sleeping schedule. Most nights I couldn't even tell you what time I fall asleep. And it's not even that I have much going on.

Nope. I'm pretty much a book nerd. But don't ask me what I've read lately, after a while it becomes a blur.

Tonight after going to dinner and having a martini I find myself fighting to stay awake.


I have nothing to show for my days. I haven't done much. I filled out a couple employment applications and gave up on one because it was a little too much work for me. I'm not really looking for something permanent here. At least these applications aren't for something permanent.

But this feeling of exhaustion leaves me wondering what have I done with my life to result in this.

I don't get it.

Guess I'll have to sleep in tomorrow. Twist my arm.


Country Music

I am a HUGE country music fan. Which is kind of silly because I'm not from the south or a hick (although my mother seems to think I am - a hick, I mean).

(I am not saying only those from the south or hicks like music, but you know what I mean.)

Anyways, tonight was something I had been looking forward to for weeks. The CMA's. Tons of live performances, some my faves and some artists...not so much.

And the outfits, throwback mixed with casual combined with elegant, and that's just Carrie Underwood's wardrobe for the night.

The best shirt I saw - 'Joe the Strummer' - a guitar (pronounced gee-tar) player for Kid Rock. (If you don't catch that play on words, I can only shake my head.)

Basically, what I am saying is that I am riding a high right now.

I am also thinking that I should have put the past two months to better use. Like actually learning to play my guitar and writing songs about my life. Wouldn't that have been exciting music - me on the couch with a dog on my lap, haven't left the house, just took a nap.

I think I could make it big.

I'm pretty sure that thought will pass quickly, but for now I am going to head to my room to concentrate on writing some really good lyrics.

Hey, it could happen.


Going Green

My family has been green for much longer than it has been the "In Thing." Please, hold your applause.

The truth is my father was the energy saving police, but it had more to do with saving green than going green.

Lights off, doors closed, heat low. We did it all. To this day we really only heat the rooms we live in, while our bedrooms remain significantly colder.

I was actually shocked when I went off to college and one of my roommates kept her room so warm she could walk around with little clothing on. My cousin and I shared a bedroom which stayed so cold I swear that some mornings you could see you breath.

68 degrees was the normal temperature for our household growing up. 70 was unheard of.

I can still hear my dad walking down the hallway, shutting doors, and calling, "E you left your light on."

This was also the man that charged us $1 (or was it $5) every time he had to tell us to put our seatbelts on. Who knows how much I actually owe him.

Needless to say, some of these Green tendencies are already ingrained in me. Using fewer lights, layering up to get warmer. I do it all.


A lot of life lived

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the weekend helping Grandma Thyrza celebrate her 90th birthday.

No small feat. Living 90 years that is.

Grandma Thyrza has been a part of my life since I was seven, give or take. She married Grampie after both their first spouses passed away. And she has been my grandmother ever since.

She watched up when we were sick, makes the best apple butter, hands down, and has cheered us on every step of the way.

This weekend I got the chance to here about her childhood. Her family were settlers in Saskatchewan. Her father tamed wild horses, they were born in a sod hut, crazy stuff really.

And I never knew.

It was fun to hear more about her and catch up with some family I hadn't seen in ages.

But it was not the place to meet a man...not that I was planning on it. I was one of three people under the age of 50 at the party (and I was related to the other two). And Sunday at church wasn't much different.

All in all it was a good weekend. And Grandma Thyrza was celebrated.


Me and a spider

Let me start off by saying my mind is all over the place. Not that my life is that exciting, I just have a lot of thoughts.

I went off this weekend to celebrate my Grandma Thyrza's 90th birthday - an amazing and unique experience - which I will explain in greater detail after I've had a chance to recover from the madness.

I am also filled with thoughts of the slippery slope of temptation, which gets the best of us and can cause serious damage.

But mostly I want to leave you with the story of a spider, and I want to acknowledge that my title is improper English. It was on purpose. (Not entirely, but once I spotted it I was too lazy to fix it.)

When I headed to the bathroom for my nightly ablutions, I encountered a spider in the sink. Well, first there was one by the toilet and then one in the sink. I was basically accosted. I'm pretty sure they have all moved inside for the winter.

In an effort to alert the sink spider to my presence I turned on the water. All that did was trap the spider in the sink. Bad plan.

I obviously wanted him out, didn't want to touch him, but didn't really want to off him either. Dilemma.

Finally I decided to help him out by creating a toilet paper pathway up the side of the sink. He ignored it, or would use it to get partway but then slide down the sink.

I ended up dragging him out. He quickly scurried off to some dark corner, leaving me jumpy at the thought of a spider on the loose.

It got me thinking though. How often do I ignore help I am given?! Considering that I can be independent and quietly stubborn, probably more often than I think.

I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for toilet paper this week.


Change may or may not happen....for me.

While I am excited about the recent election and anxious to see what the future will bring, I have more important things on my mind.

Like what I want to be when I grow up.

The age old question that has plagued man (and really only men) for centuries. (Okay, that's not really true, mostly they didn't have much choice for a very long time.)

Here's the thing. I have my degree, I have some job experience, and I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life. In the current economic state this confusion really doesn't help with so few jobs on the loose.

So I have a plan, a proposition if you will, for the president elect.

A new stay-at-home incentives program. What better way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions than to never leave home?! For this to truly work however, there will have to be a few things worked in to the amendment or bill or presedential proclamation (not sure how this gets set up).

First of all, I need to have my student loans pardoned (or whatever the appropriate term may be). There could be certain requirements for this, such as number of miles put on my car, gallons of gasoline purchased in a year, etc. to ensure that I am holding up my end of the bargain.

Because sitting around my parent's house in my pajama will increase my chances of finding a husband, I will also need an arranged marriage. I also have a list for this one, but the president and I can get over that when things get serious.

I would accept some sort of employment that allows to work from home, in sweats.

So there's my proposal. I think it has potential. I wouldn't be driving much, and I own a hybrid. So when I would drive it would have much less impact, thank you very much.

The president elect can feel free to contact me at any time.



Let me just start off by saying that might title doesn't have any literal connection to my topic. It's definition has to do with finances or something, and my post has to do with crying (tear...liquid...are you following me?).

I am not a cryer, for a number of reasons. I don't like it and I try to avoid it at all costs.

When I was younger (and the emotions more turbulent) I would avoid it so long that eventually I would break down over the smallest thing. Like my Dad saying he needed to talk to me.

(Very occasionally I would use tears to manipulate my brother, like when he wouldn't listen to me when Mom and Dad had clearly left me in charge)

I always blamed those breakdown tears on exhaustion. You'd have thought my parents used punishment such as not allowing sleep or working us all day, every day.

My young, adolescent, hormone-riddled body didn't know how to handle all my thoughts and feelings, so I tried to keep it lockdown. Usually serious talks about not-altogether-important things set me off. While the more important items were never mentioned by yours truly.

In fact it wasn't until years later that I told my parent's about the boy in my freshman bio class that was suspended after he informed me I was on his hit list. I had refused to put his name a report he did nothing for.

Needless to say, I was an emotionally confused teenager.

Now though, I just know how to keep my emotions under check. I keep things from getting too crazy. Except for laughter. Laughter good.

Here's the thing. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ALWAYS makes me tear up. (And shows or movies where the animals die...but that's another story.)

I don't know what it is. The little kids in wheelchairs, the single mother raising a couple hundred children. Those stories get me.

And occasionally I fantasize about my family being on the show. But something major would have to happen; like my unemployment combined with my father somehow losing his job and not being able to support us and my brother losing his arm in a freak snowmobiling accident with Sarah Palin.

Crazy stuff, is what I'm saying.

Demolishing the house and rebuilding does sometimes sound better than actually cleaning and organizing my room though.

If you have somehow followed my train of thought to the end of the blog, you get a gold star.

Now I'm trying to remember...what did those gold stars get you anyways.



I've talked about my addictions in the past - shoes, games, food - but I don't think I've ever mentioned my music problem.

I love music.

I'm not going to claim to love it all. Techno drives me a little nuts, I can only handle classical and opera in certain scenarios, and different genres definitely suit me at different times.

But I could easily spend my entire life's savings on music (not that that is saying much at this point, since I'm mostly broke).

I was on iTunes today looking at new releases and drooled one, or two, or ten albums. Not to mention all the music released in the past months/years that I haven't had time to purchase/listen too. And I bought two CDs this weekend.

What can I say, music is pretty much awesome. Sometimes I wish my life had a soundtrack just like the movies do.

How much more fun would things be?! Plus, I would totally know when something bad was about to happen.

I might have to take that request up with God.


Cut off

For the first time in I don't how long, I left my computer behind this weekend.

Usually when I travel packing up the comp and dragging it along is reflex. I mean, who can stand to be so cut off for any period of time?! Particularly in this day and age.

But here's the thing...sometimes I get annoyed with the immediacy that we expect everything to happen.

Take cell phones for examples.

Now that they are commonplace we expect to be able to get in touch with everyone and anyone right away. Even if we have to leave a message it is assumed that we will receive a call back pretty quickly, within the day if not hours of the call.

I think back the the olden days when people only had a house phone and if you left a message you knew it might be a bit before you heard anything back.

I happen to be a contradiction of terms in this situation. I want people to get back to me quickly, but half the time I am forget to have my phone anywhere near me. But be assured that once I realize I have a message I do a decent job of getting back to you.

I don't know where exactly I am going with this monologue, except to say that I am back in the technological world of being connected almost continuously.