Fall Fashion, The Finale

Happy Halloween!  I'm not featuring a costume today, but only because I don't have one.

I did, however, make pumpkin pancakes this morning.
They were amazingly delicious.  I seriously recommend.  You can find the recipe here.

Now, onto my oh-so-fancy last outfit.  It's Sunday and I have no plans, so I went for comfy.  I actually just bought these jeans yesterday, because the only skinny jeans I had were gray and I needed a blue wash version.  And I do mean "needed."
Can you tell I'm holding food in my hands.  Jackson (our big dog) decided his need for pancakes was more important than your view of my boots.

My stylist recommended not to wash my hair until 72 hours after coloring.  I still have another day to go.  Tomorrow will probably end up being a hat day.  I can only handle so much grease.

Outfit details:
Scarf - Old Navy
Long-sleeved shirt - J.Crew
Layered tank - Banana Republic
Jeans - Levi
Boots - from Nordstrom Rack (I don't remember the brand and don't want to take them off to check.)
I really, really love this scarf.  It's my favorite ever.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the blog and checked out my outfits, whether you've left a comment or not.  It's been a blast (if a little exhausting) to see what everyone is wearing and get some inspiration.

I'm kind of looking forward to a break though.

I thought I'd leave you with a list of things I kind of really want after seeing all your outfits for this week:

  • leopard print flats
  • oxfords
  • Toms
  • a skinny belt or two
  • a skirt in a fun print
  • something lace or sequined (or both)
I'm sure if I went back through pictures, I could find more.

I hope everyone has a good Sunday.  Make sure you stop by Emery's blog if you haven't yet today!


Fall Fashion Day 6

I'd like to apologize in advance for the excessive number of pictures.  I couldn't seem to help myself.

Two things are different about me today.  Can you tell what they are?
This was another outfit thrown together in just a few minutes.  My mom gave me the cardigan and button for my birthday.  And I really love this belt.  (And how the whole look came together.)
(I don't know what is up with my ghost-like appearance today.)

I have been thinking recently how much I need/want a trench (Need is pretty relative in my life.).  Then yesterday, my mom suggested I wear the trench that was my aunt's, who passed away last fall.

I had completely forgotten about it.  It's real London Fog, has an awesome lining, and was just missing a belt.  Problem solved with a pink scarf.

Check out some of the details of the outfit, and enjoy a closer look of my hair.  My stylist was so excited when I came in asking for red.  We might even go for the same color all over next time, depending on how I like it.

Here's a closer look at the hair.

Also, I'm a total shoe (heel) person.  That's not as obvious during the wet, rainy fall and with my current job.

Don't believe me?  Check out some of the shoes I wore during summer fashion week:
Make sure to check out what everyone else is wearing!  (Sorry I'm lame and haven't been remembering to link back to Emery Jo's page.)

Thanks for stopping by and for all the love this week.  I'm having a blast!!!


Fall Fashion Day 5 (another creative title)

I didn't know what I was wearing ahead of time today.  In fact, last night I told my mom, "I don't know what I'm wearing."

Here's what I came up with:
A little more casual than I've been.  I actually end up wearing converse multiple days a week.  They're fun and good for having to walk around all day.
I actually have had this jacket for a long time.  Like, I don't even know how long.  I actually had a second one, with stripes and flowers, but I think I gave it to my sister.  I hope she's enjoying it.
Who doesn't like suede elbow patches?!

And the shirt underneath--one of my few thrifting finds.  I just haven't developed those skills yet.  I'm more of a sales-rack kind of girl.
I've also had these earrings for a while, and don't have a clue where I got them.  But hey, I remembered an accessory!

Also, I'm loving my hair today.  And all I did was roll out of bed and spray it with a little beach spray.  (I know, I hate myself for that, too.)
You know what I'm loving most though?  Having my mom take my picture.  So much better than shooting pictures in the mirror.

Thanks Mom!

Plus you get to see our awesome view.  If you squint and look to the right of my head, you can make out a little bit of the bay.  And these clouds are very beautiful and fall-like.

Outfit Details:
Button-up shirt - Nautica, thrifted
Jacket - Moda, Victoria Secret
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Red Converse
Earrings - ???


Fall Fashion Day 4

Before I get started with the outfit, I just have to tell all of you how much I'm enjoying your comments and your outfits.  This is just so much fun!

I'm not going to lie.  I've been dreaming of wearing this dress for months and more recently I've been imagining this outfit.

I got the dress 40% off at the Banana Republic outlet this summer.  The color screams fall and the shape of it is pretty much perfect.

I had hoped to wear creamy tights, but since I waited until the last minute, I ended up with white.  Every time I look at my legs, I think I'm really pale.

Guys, I'm not that pale.  At least, not yet.  Check back in with me in February.

I actually got up to shower this morning so you could see my hair in all its crazy glory.  I'm actually getting it cut/colored on Friday.  Should I keep the blond-ish highlights?  I've kind of been tempted by the idea of reddish highlights.  What are your thoughts?
(My mom took my pictures for the second day in a row and wanted me to try some different poses.  Obviously, I'm a professional.)

Unfortunately, my showering this morning meant I ran out of time since I didn't actually get up any earlier than usual.  I actually had a fudgesicle for breakfast.  I thought you should know.

I am not a morning person and I always choose sleep.

I got the headband when I went to the Etsy RAIN craft show a few weeks ago.  Love it.

I actually tied the ends of my scarf together to create my own infinity/loop scarf, but it was actually an idea I got from this lovely blogger.  I love the coziness the looped scarf adds.

Outfit Details:
Brown Hooded Peacoat - Old Navy
Shirtdress - Banana Republic
Scarf - ? I don't remember.
Headband - Solstice Designs
Belt - Fred Meyer
Tights - Hue from Macy's
Boots - Fergalicious (true story, but I love them)


Fall Fashion Day 3

Today was not my best effort.

It all started with our springer spaniel scratching at my door sometime that was way too early in the morning.  Then, of course, my door was open and I could hear everything my dad did with his morning.

And the dog kept bugging me to scratch her.

With that my plans for a shower before work and plenty of time to pick out an outfit flew out the window.  Instead I hit snooze, a few times.

That isn't to say I don't like my outfit.  It just isn't as put together as I had imagined.  You'll notice I'm lacking in the accessory department.  What you can't see is how badly my hair needs to be washed.
This look is pretty standard for me at work.  I have to layer to handle walking around outside and transition into the classroom.
All that said, there are definitely things I like about this outfit.  My fall-splurge boots are back in action.  The sweater is lovely.  And I'm pretty much in love with my new bag.
I really love the detailing on the sweater.  And the color is a beautiful brown-gray.  And it's soft.  Did I mention I love it?
Em Jae had commented on my bed spread on Day 1.  It's actually a quilt made by my mother.  One of the benefits of living at home is that I've gotten a few things made by my mother.
She also made me this lap quilt.  I wish you could see all the fabulous fabrics in this quilt.  So lovely.

You want to know what made my day today...this:

Outfit details:
Jacket - Northface, many years ago
Sweater - Gap ($8)
Black pashmina - no idea, Macy's ?
Boyfriend jeans (stuffed into my boots) - Gap ($20)
Boots - Steve Madden at DSW ($90)
Computer bag - J'tote ($75)

P.S. Mostly because Blogger doesn't allow replies to comments, I took the picture in my header this summer at my cousin's wedding as they were leaving.  I used one of Pioneer's Woman actions on it in Photoshop, but I can't remember which one.

P.P.S. I'll try to be less whiney tomorrow.  Promise.


Fall Fashion Day 2

My Tuesdays (and Thursdays for that matter) are really long days.  I start work before 8 a.m. and the earliest I finish is 8 p.m.  I'm not working that entire time, but it's still a long day.

Instead of trying to find time to take and post pictures of my outfit for Tuesday in the middle of my hectic work schedule, I'm going to show some details of a few recent outfits.

What I mean is that I'm pretty much a cheater.

Taking pictures myself has made it rather difficult to get full outfit shots.  I'm not exactly a pro with the timer or mirror shots.  That's why I said "details" of these outfits.

For this first outfit, I was mostly just proud of the belt knot.  I learned it from a tutorial by Elaine at Clothed Much.
Also, the leggings-tunic-boots combo is super comfy.  And I love that necklace (from J. Crew outlet).

Outfit #2 was inspired by/loosely based on this outfit at The Daybook.
I love the combination of the chunky sweater and the button up (which is actually striped).
Also, you can pretty much count on seeing this watch in every single picture.  I love it and it's my only watch that is functioning at the moment.
These boots were my big purchase this fall.  Of course, I've seen them all over the place.  I love the details, that they are flat, and they zip up.  Count on seeing them again.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  And thanks so much for your outfits and all the inspiration your providing.  That's what makes these fashion weeks so fun.

(And if you start following my blog, let me know.  I'd love to return the favor!  Oh, and thanks!)

Fall Fashion Day 1

I woke up today to the sound of rain.  And it sounded like a lot.  We are, in fact, getting our first fall storm of the year.  Around here that means inches of rain and high wind.

Since part of my job involves walking all over campus outside, I almost started off the week with one of my pre-shot outfits.  Looks I'd worn recently, but wouldn't actually have on today.

But I talked myself out of it.

Mostly because I realized that cowboy boots were the solution to my problem.  They'd keep my feet dry and warm, and my pant's hem from dragging too much through puddles.
Also, I wanted to be able to see my morning pal.  Isn't she cute?!  And a little annoyed by her nap being interrupted.

I wore a variation of this outfit a few weeks ago for my blogger meet up.  A few tweaks here and there (mainly the boots and a gray, not white, shirt), and it's back.
I pretty much love this scarf-life woven thing.  Not exactly sure what to call it, but it's quite exotic.  Literally.
So there's day 1.  And I still have my "back ups" in case I'm uninspired (or it rains) the rest of the week.  Also, I apologize for the not-full-length shot.  There's not a full-length mirror in our house.  
Outfit details:
Cardigan - Nordstrom (gift from Mom)
Scarf-ish thing - from Argentina (gift from sister)
Gray t-shirt - Gap boyfriend shirt
Jeans - Cruel girl western jeans
Boots - Ariat, purchased in the middle of Wyoming
Watch - Fossil (gift from Mom and Dad)

Head on over to Emery's blog to see what everyone else is wearing!


Dress to Impress

It's time for fashion week, this time the fall edition. Just us in showing off your best looks and a chance to win a gift card to f21. So fun!
Or just tune in here all week to see photos of me contorting myself trying to capture outfit details.

My schedule is little more crazy right now. We're short-staffed at work for the next week and I'm not sure I'll have much time to smile in front of a camera.

Plus I do better if I have time to plan ahead. And then the pressure is off if I sleep through my alarm and end up in tennis shoes and a sweatshirt.

If those aren't all good reasons to take part/stop by for Fashion Week, I don't know what is.


Beer and Cupcakes

a.k.a. my trip to the emerald city for a blogger get together.

When Carrie of My Chocolate Covered To Do List invited me to a sprinkle party with other Seattle bloggers, I immediately said yes.

After weeks of comparing schedules and emailing back and forth, a date was finally set for this past Monday.

Since I don't actually live in the city and was probably going to fight traffic, I decided to invite a friend to come with me and head down a little early.

Of course, planning ahead meant there was no traffic to speak of.  Not that I'm complaining.

Just up the street from the cupcakery is Elysian Brewery, a place I had been before and just couldn't help stopping by again for dinner.

We tried an amazing pumpkin ale, The Great Pumpkin.
(Don't mind the amazing staging on the photo.)  I liked the beer so much I feel safe saying it was perhaps my favorite beer I've ever had.

For real.

I also had a delicious shepherd's pie.

From dinner, my friend and walked down to Cupcake Royale for the sprinkle party.  The shop had an awesome table set up for us.
Notice the amazing art that we gazed upon all night.  We got a coupon for free hot drinks and lots of cupcakes to decorate.  Plus, Carrie brought red wine to sip on.

Unfortunately, not everyone invited could make it.  That left a lot of cupcakes for the rest of us to decorate.
We managed to struggle through.

There were multiple colors of frosting and lots of sprinkle choices.  I had to a Halloween-inspired version as well.
Even better than the cupcakes was the chance to connect with area bloggers, especially in person.  I met the mastermind of Delishhh, Jeanna, and recent midwest transplant Sarah.  They were all fabulous.

Now we're hoping to make it a more regular event (getting together, not decorating cupcakes).

Not that I would ever say no to a cupcake.  In case you didn't notice, I have a thing for chocolate.


High Levels of Excitement

This weekend was fairly packed with fun and it's carrying over into this evening.  I had some great fun with friends.  Friday afternoon I got to catch up with a good friend (it had been almost 9 months, ridiculous) over nachos and Big Mama margaritas.  Happy hour goodness.

That night I went to an acoustic show by a good friend and her band Jamalia.  It was great to see her play and she's multi-talented (keyboard, guitar and vocals!).

Saturday, during the day, it felt like I was working hard and not getting much done.  The parents were out of town visiting my sis, so I was on my own for lawn mowing.  The frost we got overnight combined with the size of one lawn I had to do made for not much else getting done.

After church on Saturday evening, 6 of us went to Red Robin for dinner, along with a ton of high schoolers all dressed up for Homecoming.  I felt old.  We had a blast laughing and probably drove our waiter a little crazy.

Sunday, I headed down to the Emerald City for EtsyRAIN, a craft show by local Etsy artists.  It was so fun to check out different vendors in person, great to save on shipping, and we even got there early enough to get a swag bag.

I ended buying some cool magnets, a fun print, lollipops, and some really adorable head bands.  It was a complete success.

Tonight I'm excited to take part in my first IRL blogger meetup for some cupcake decorating.  It should be fun!

If I were a cooler person, I'd have pictures to prove that I've been so busy.  Instead, you'll just have to take my word for it.


I want to be healthy.

I've been trying to decide whether to throw my two cents in on the health/blog debate that has sprung up recently, thanks to an article by Marie Claire.

And I guess I'll say a few things, but with the disclaimer that I think everyone's journey/beliefs on health are their own.  While I'm sure there are some unhealthy obsessions out there, there are also many people just striving to lead healthy lives.

Also, I haven't read a lot of the blogs that were named in the article.

Before I get into my own beliefs a little, I also wanted to point out that Marie Claire has a virtual weight loss tool.  You can enter your own picture (which I did) and see what you would like if you lost weight.  For me the suggested weight loss range went all the way down to 53 lbs. lighter.

I'm not sure that really strikes me as healthy.

That said, I am not nor have I ever been a skinny, slender, thin girl.  I say that based on real measures, such as BMI.

I'm not calling myself fat.  I was above average on BMI even when I played 3 sports in high school and when I played basketball in college.

For me, weight is just one way to track how healthy I am.  And that is what is really important for me, being healty.

Recently, my cholesterol dropped back down to healthy levels.  I have had high cholesterol since early in college, it's partially genetic for me, and I have it under control again.  Even with my love of cheese.

I'm not saying weight doesn't matter or mean anything, but it shouldn't mean everything.

I am the same person whether I am overweight or underweight, whether I fit into my clothes from high school or I have to go buy bigger pants.

I want to take care of and honor my body.  Eat right (mostly), exercise somewhat regularly, stop comparing myself to others.

I want to be healthy so I can live a full, long life.

I'm all for health/fitness type blogs, even if that's not really my focus as I'm a little more all over the place than that, but as women we need to think about how we view, talk about and treat our bodies.

Let's be healthy together.



I'll hopefully have a real blog post sometime in the near future.  It will probably revolve around my complete obsession with egg nog lattes.

For now, you should head over to j'tote to check out their amazingly adorable bags.

They have a couple fall bags on sale for over 60% off and are giving away a bag each day all month for breast cancer awareness.

I may or may not have snatched up this little number today.  It wasn't an easy choice though.


A Weekend of Eating Out

At dinner tonight, my brother and I were joking about the fact that I don't eat at home anymore.  That's certainly been true this week.

With my work load picking up, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  I've been working hard to bring food with me.

Then the weekend hit.

And I had a latte and donut, I went out to dinner, I had another donut, I went out to dinner again, and again.

I am getting a variety of food though: sweet potato ravioli followed by orange mocha cheesecake, thai iced tea and yakisoba noodles, and alaskan lingcod and burnt cream.  So I have that going for me.

Not only was the food delicious, but now I have leftovers to last me the first few days of the week.

The funniest moment of my weekend out:
Sorry for the poor quality, I just had my phone in the toilet with me.

I'm not sure what "as many times as you can" means.  Am I supposed to sit there flushing repeatedly as I go to the bathroom?  Am I supposed to flush as many times as it takes to get everything down?

I'm just not sure.  Also, notice the amazing grammar.  It was in a thai restaurant.

Maybe a new toilet would be a good investment.  It could save their water bill.


Listing Listy Things

Apparently now that I'm back at work my posting schedule is weekly.  And while I have ten million partial blog posts roaming around my head, I'm going to take the easy way out and do a little round up.

My excuse I just got done with an 8+ hour work day, but over the course of 12 hours.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are long for me.

Anyways, enjoy!

  • My work schedule (transcribing + lawn mowing) has combined to make it hard to establish a regular gym routine.  While I do get A LOT of walking in, I need to get some more weights-type work in on my own time.  I've been considering adding this routine.  Who doesn't want nicely toned legs?!
  • You know what I love (but doesn't go well with not working out)?  Homemade mac n cheese.  And the collection on the Tasty Kitchen blog (a la Pioneer Woman) is pretty unbeatable.
  • To counteract the calories of mac n cheese, and to treat my body right, maybe I'll try one of these power food combos.
  • I don't sew, but if I did I'd try to make either this skirt or this skirt.  Maybe that would be an okay place to start.
  • Who doesn't like cake? Especially pretty ones like these.
  • Also, can I just say necklaces.
On that note, I'm calling it a night.  I'm not sure what to say about all the food I mentioned, except that I love food and couldn't live without it.  Literally.

Until next week.  (Or maybe sooner if I can manage it.  Don't count on it.)


Encounter with a Spider

I'm not a fan of spiders.

The thing is, I'm not a wimp.

I don't scream on roller coasters, I don't hide my eyes during scary movies, I can handle needles and blood and guts, I can use power tools.  And generally speaking, I don't freak out easily.

But there is just something about spiders.  Part of it is that bites from your average spiders cause me to swell abnormally.  One bit on the side of my knee ended up the size of a softball around, and was rather discolored and hot to the touch.

Add to that the fact that I don't really know my spiders, and you have a lot of fear.

This fear combined with mowing lawns in the fall doesn't always work out well.  Yesterday especially.

I was out mowing a lawn by myself using a riding mower.  I kind of find riding mowers boring and inefficient, unless they are the ones that can turn on a dime.  Then they are pretty sweet.

The thing about spider webs and riding lawns mowers is that you just can't avoid the spiders as easily.  You are less mobile and you are sitting higher.

And there are a lot of spiders out right now.

I was mowing along on high alert, avoiding the spider webs as best as possible.  Then out of the blue I'm driving straight into the web of a very large spider.

I abandoned ship immediately, moving faster than I have in years.  I was frantically brushing off any rabid spiders that might have attached themselves to me, when I spotted it ON THE MOWER'S SEAT.

Meaning, I just barely escaped  from the jaws of death.  (Guys, it was big!)

I watched it for a couple seconds and quickly realized that the seat was too slippery for it to get off.  It obviously needed help, but there was no way I was touching it.

You couldn't pay me enough.  But yes, Dad, if terrorist were holding you hostage, I would touch the spider to save your life.

I tried pushing off the spider with my iPod and only succeeded in breaking one of its legs.  Now I really better watch out for spiders.

I finally blew it off the seat and spent the next hour and a half on the rider on high alert (and maybe making some rather girly sounds anytime I got too close to a spider).

It's a jungle out there.