I think it can.

Today, while driving in the big city, I realized how much I would NOT want a manual if I lived here.

Mostly because there were steep hills everywhere, and people pulling way too close to my bumper, rain running all over the place, and a weird smoke-like smell that might have been coming from my car.

But I'm not sure if it was or not.

I really like having a manual, especially since my car is about as powerful as a dogs pulling a sled in the iditarod. 

If I have to get over a mountain, I better have some momentum otherwise the semitrucks will be passing me.  True story.

One thing I would give up about my car (besides the amazing hybrid gas mileage) is my stereo with Bluetooth and MP3 player capabilities. 

Literally, I will not give it up.  As in, I will tear it out of the car when I have to get rid of it.  Although by that time, the technology will probably be obsolete, since I know it's not cutting edge anymore.

Now excuse me as I look for some uplifting, upbeat music to drown out the reality of life. 

Sitting in a hospital just takes it out of me.

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