Phone Phobias

Okay, really, how many people actually enjoy using telephones?  I mean, really.

I used to detest it, but, what with all my maturing I've done, have gotten quite a bit better. 

This got me thinking about how the phone has been a major part of a few of my jobs.  Weird, right?

My very first official big-kid job was as a front office worker in a doctor's office.  It lasted all of a few months--basically from when school started until basketball began.  I didn't really explain that whole basketball thing clearly during the hiring process.

Because I was a normal 16-year-old, you know, going to school and everything, I worked the late shift.  This was awesome because starting at 5 or 6pm (I can't really remember) I got paid time and a half.


The hitch in this schedule was that I was never really completely trained.  I didn't know the rules for scheduling appointments or anything else.

Yet I still got in trouble for it.  This was a little freaky then. 

At this point in my life, I had a huge aversion to the phone.  I couldn't tell you where it came from, but it was real.

There were 3 people who worked in the front desk after hours and I spent the ENTIRE time avoiding answering the phone.

It didn't help that most doctors and nurses had left at this point, so patients could really talk to whoever they needed to anyways.  Nor did I have anyone to ask questions of.

Basically, it was awesome.

I wonder if my coworkers ever caught on to my antics?  Probably.  From what I've seen, most juniors in high school are not very smooth.

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  1. I found out the other day that cellphones can cause brain tumors or cancer, or something equally horrifying, and since then, I've avoided using my phone. My boyfriend is not that happy about it considering we're in a long distance relationship.

    Whatever. I will not sacrifice my brain for love.

    Oh and hi! I'm Cheryl. i was clicking around 20SB.