Awkward and Awesome: Halloween edition

Happy Halloween all. I'm keeping it real at home tonight with plans to be in bed by 10pm. I didn't dress up today either, but I do have a party tomorrow so I'm no completely lame.

The craziness of this week has meant no blogging, which certainly wasn't my goal. So for now I'll leave you with some of the awkward and awesome moments I've had recently. Enjoy!

- Looking for the "like" button places it doesn't exist. Like a blog post or an email. Back off Facebook.
- The amount of sugar I've consumed in the last couple days. Let's just say it's way too much.
- I've been insured since April and still haven't gotten it together enough to go to a doctor, dentist or eye doctor. That's good self care right there.
- The state of my apartment this week. I got back from vacation and things got hectic. I haven't unpacked and there are piles. Luckily I have Saturday to fix that.

- Hole in the wall karaoke places filled with regulars. I went to a nearby spot for a going away party for work and it had the best people watching. (I didn't sing though, because I am the most indecisive ever when it comes to song choice.)
- My gas fireplace. Perfect way to spend a cozy fall evening.
- Taking breaks at work to get outside. A coworker and I often take afternoon walks to Starbucks and it helps so much. Especially since when we don't go I often don't leave my desk all day.
- New shoes.
- Getting to cook again. This week I made lasagna and pizza. So good. And seriously I have so much lasagna.
- Gas for $3.09. Filling up my tank for just over $36. So exciting.
- A four hour "Happy Hour" with friends last night. So fun.

What's been awkward or awesome for you recently?


Back from Vacay

I'm back home for the first time since Wednesday morning. It's been a wonderful week off from work and I think I'm mostly ready for Monday.

I got in plenty of fun, good food, family time and sleep over the past week. And I plan to catch you all up on some of my adventures.

But for tonight, I'm painting my nails, watching football, and enjoying my fireplace and eating a little apple crisp -- made from the box of apples I got on the way home.

What fun did you get into this weekend (or past week)?


My new 'do

I lightened up my hairdo yesterday, by that I mean there's a lot less of it. The color is actually darker.

Here's the before:

On my day off Monday, I died my hair. It was multicolored before that. I had an ombre look going on -- partially because I liked it but also because I'm lazy (dying half my hair = time saving measure).

Since I was cutting it off, I decided freshening the color was a good idea.

Here's a low-quality bathroom selfie of the new color:
Hard to tell, I know, but trust when I say it's different. Darker, less red, all one color. This also gives you a really good feel for how long it was.

Finally yesterday I went in for my semi-annual "trim." Except this time I went for an actual cut.

I wanted my hair to feel healthier and I didn't want to use half a bottle of conditioner every week. (I kid. Kind of.)

Luckily my stylist was totally on board with my vague, "cut it about this much with layers and frame my face" description.

She made this happen:

So far, I'm really happy with it. Granted, I haven't washed it and styled it myself. Yet.

But I love the volume, lightness and the fact that I don't have the hair of many colors.

When was the last time you made a major style change?


Awkward and awesome: Weekend edition

Hey all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was part productive, part fun, and part work.

I actually have tomorrow off because I worked today. A friend is coming over in the morning, but otherwise the day is wide open.

I hope to get a few things done (dye my hair, meal plan, and a few other miscellaneous things). But I'm also excited to not have much going on. Low key days are the best.

I thought I'd stop by with my most recent awkward and awesome moments. Hopefully in my free time tomorrow I'll get another post or two ready for the week so it won't be silent around here.

- Really, really big bummer --> My DSLR needs $250+tax in work. It stopped reading SD cards. Since it's 4.5 years old and was entry level anyways, I've decided to not fix it. And wait until I have a good chunk of spare cash to buy a new one. *Tears*
- I'm really not into holiday decorating. I see people put together great displays. I tried to use some decorative gourds. They ended up on my coffee table in a bowl. So cute.
- One of my fantasy football leagues. (I'm in two.) I was pretty successful in this one last year -- made it to the playoffs. This year...I'm struggling a big and my competitive nature can't handle it.
- How much my eyes are still burning more than hour after I cooked onions and garlic. I swear the garlic (which I love) is way worse than the onion too.

- Snapchat. My sister and I use it all the time. In fact, we are in the midst of an hour-long conversation. (We also text using only emoticons. We're pretty special.) Anyone else addicted to Snapchat? I like that I can send ridiculous photos (completely clothed) and it doesn't take up all my phone's storage space.
- Another Seahawks win. Yes it was ugly, but a win is a win. 5-1 baby. (And I got to be on the sidelines again.)
- Restaurant week (it's actually two weeks). Fancy restaurants around Seattle offer three course meals for a flat rate. I'm trying out a few new spots and can't wait to share the goods with you. First two are this week.
- Four more days of work before vacation!!!

What's been awkward or awesome for you recently?


Full speed ahead in October

All those dots? Non-work-related events.
I just updated my calendar with everything going on the rest of October and I think I need a vacation.

The good news: I'm taking one! Later this month, I'm taking a week off from work. No super big trip planned, though I am crossing the mountains to see some family.

It'll actually be my longest vacation since I went full time in January. My previous longest break? Four days for Labor Day weekend. So you could say I'm more than a little excited.

There's tons to do this month with different events, friends to spend time with and even a speaking engagement. I might just forgo grocery shopping for how little I'm going to be home. That's why I froze all that food, right?

I'm also slowly putting the condo to rights. I got the big things done pretty quickly, and the rest of it...I can barely check off one thing a week. For example, I've had a pile of stuff to take down to my storage unit in the basement sitting in my living for over a week.

Impressive, right?

Just to give a taste for this month, I am home tonight, tomorrow I'm going to a friend's house for dinner and an in-home concert, Wednesday I going to the Sounders game, Thursday I have a happy hour date with a friend I haven't seen for a month, and Sunday I'll be working at the Seahawks game.

You might notice Friday and Saturday are free. I'm kind of hoping to keep it that way, but who knows what will happen. At the very least, I probably need to get some cleaning done over the weekend.

P.S. Please don't take this as complaining about the busyness...I'm really excited. Bring on the fun!

How is your schedule looking? Anything exciting coming up?


A partially completed to-do list and other weekend shenanigans

I'm sitting at work not working.

I actually got off 45 minutes ago. Then a coworker and I walked for coffee (trying out Starbucks new Chocolate Chai -- so far, thumbs up!).

Next I have somewhere to be in just over an hour so it didn't seem worth it to head home for just a little bit.

Perfect time to blog, right?

This weekend was pretty wonderful. First of all, I had two days off in a row (it had been a while). Secondly, I didn't have anything planned on Saturday. This never happens.

So I made myself a few lists of things to do, errands to run, groceries to buy, and got to work.

I wasn't nearly as productive as I had hoped, but by the end of the day I had crossed off more than half my list. I also successfully saved a decent amount on my groceries (Safeways' Just For U for the win) even if I did spend more than I had planned.

Spoiler alert: that's pretty much every grocery shopping trip I make.

Sunday was for a football (an awesome Seahawks comback on the road) and a college roommate's wedding. Even though I hadn't seen her for a few years, it was great to celebrate with her.

Monday morning was an early one at work (hello, 5:30 a.m.) so I feel like I've been recovering from that all week.

Tonight I have fun plans with my coworkers (drinks! dinner!) and then it'll be Thursday -- my favorite day of the week.

On a completely unrelated note, I appreciate all the cooking for one suggestions. I've started stocking my freezer with leftovers for later. Currently, there's pasta, soup, and enchiladas.

Some week soon I'm not going to cook at all. But I may need to buy some more Tupperware.

Obviously life has been pretty epic, hence the desperate need to blog. What's been going on for you?