FAIL...but it's not my fault.

I guess putting things off to the last minute can be a problem.

Like when it's NaBloPoMo and you wait until 11:30pm and then the internet doesn't want to work and you're screwed.

Like me last night.  So fail.  I admit it.

But I would like to go on the record as saying it's not completely my fault.

See, I was "busy" yesterday (and I'm using that term in the loosest sense.  I had football to watch, a new chandelier to help my dad install, a visit to make to the gym, a complicated mac & cheese recipe to undertake (delicious!), and basketball to play.

Of all of those things, basketball was probably the least successful.  I mean, I haven't played in a year and a half, and I was playing with all guys.  Never a recipe for success. 

My only advantage was that they were too nice to block my shots, so I was able to drive fairly freely.

And that would have been a real advantage, had I actually been able to make a shot.

Oh well, details.

Now the question remains, do I still try to keep posting daily?

I'm undecided.

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