So long, Jess.

Over my many, many years of life, I have been a regular visitor out to my uncle's farm.

Growing up it was every summer, at least once, and sometimes for extended periods of time.  Some summers we visited long enough to take swimming lessons at the pool where my mom once lifeguarded.

By the time I was in college we were no longer visiting as regularly or for as long, but then, after tranferring schools, I was living there.

With family, close family.  It was pretty great.  Not only did I manage to get some good home cooked meals out of the deal, but I also got to play on the farm.

And by play I mean ride horses and make excuses for buying boots and western-style jeans.

Over all the years, all the trips, everything, there have been a few constants at the farm.

Two constants were Jim and Jess.  These draft horses were there before I was even alive, and I couldn't imagine a visit without stopping by to say hello to them.

This past week, Jess died.  She was around 30 years old.

Jim and Jess have been a very dependable duo, even as they have slowed way, way down over the years. 

As most horses don't live to be that old, it wasn't a complete shock.  But that doesn't mean her loss isn't felt.

Felt, I would guess, most by Jim as Jess has been his constant partner their entire lives.

She will be missed.

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