Semi-Wordless Wednesday: Recently

 Delicious chili and cider during the Super Bowl (not so recently).

 One of my favorite necklaces.

 Cupcake leftovers.

Fun neapolitan DIY nails. 

My workout watch. Bright and cheery. 

 When the President was in town.

The sibs and I enjoying some grown carrots. (This was a year or two ago.) 

Delicious cupcakes during happy hour. My favorite local place!

My wish for you all!

Happy Wednesday!!!

GFC and Following

Hi blog friends! I just wanted to write a quick post letting you know about the changes coming to Blogger tomorrow.

(That's really soon.)

You've probably heard by now that Google Friend Connect is going away. Google is no longer supporting the service. Blogger-based blogs will now have Following instead, which will function the same and be maintained by Blogger itself.

The big change is for non-Blogger blogs, which have been using GFC. To continue to follow those blogs, add them to you reader, follow the RSS feed, or follow on Bloglovin' if they are signed up there.

There was surprisingly little information available about this issue from Google or Blogger, but for a good post on the switch, go here.

This really shouldn't affect my readers, but I just wanted to give you all a heads up.

P.S. Happy leap day!


Ten on Tuesday: Before Class

I just went and registered for next quarter before class today, so I'm on campus with a few extra minutes. I had hoped to finish up my homework for class tomorrow, but the on-campus PC and I were fighting. We're on a break right now.

While I wait for class, I wanted to leave you with Ten on Tuesday questions, all from Chelsea at Roots and Rings.

1. What did you do this weekend?
I had a fun happy hour evening with my roomies, have completely forgotten what I did on Saturday, and then went up to my parent's for a couple days. There was college basketball, NBA basketball, the Oscars, and a lot of other stuff taking up my brain space.

2. Do you prefer short fingernails or long?
Definitely not really long. It also depends on what I have going on. When I was mowing lawns I kept my nails really short. Dirt under them would drive me crazy.

3. What is your favorite use for Pinterest?
To keep track of interesting things I stumble across online. I actually spend very little time on the site.

4. Do you sleep with you mouth open?
Most of the time, I don't think so, but when I have a cold...for sure. It's awful.

5. Where did you have the best pizza you've ever eaten?
I had some pretty tasty deep dish pizza when I was in Chicago. That's one of my more memorable experiences.

6. What do you eat for breakfast on weekdays?
Cereal, toast, or oatmeal with either coffee or tea.

7. Do you watch awards shows? Why or why not?
Yes, but not with complete focus. I like seeing the dresses, and I really love when there's a good speech or presenter.  The rest I sort of ignore.

8. Can you whistle? Snap? Curl your tongue? Bend down and touch your palms to the ground?
Yes to everything but the last. I am one of the least flexible people I know. It's genetic.

9. What email service do you use?
Yahoo! (old school) and Gmail.

10. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Laying in the sun on a blanket in a park reading a book. Otherwise, I love being active. But there's just something about relaxing.

Perfect timing. Class is about to start!


Weekend Check In

Hey all! I just wanted to stop in for a quick post. I have a mountain of schoolwork ahead of me this weekend tonight and Sunday, but Friday was fun and relaxing.

A.K.A. The best.

Here's a few things that are putting a smile on my face today.

Friday after my sister got off from work, we (a.k.a. the roomies) all headed out for some happy hour fun. We went to a nearby Mexican restaurant first, then to our favorite little cupcake place (that also has a happy hour). If that's not a good excuse to get three mini cupcakes, I don't know what is.

Next, the shoes I purchased at Target. Here they are in all their glory:

This morning sister and I dragged ourselves out of bed a little after 10 to go to a little hole-in-the-wall place that only does biscuits and gravy. The selection was limited because of the traffic from the nearby Saturday market but it was delicious. And we followed that up with a little thrifting and other shopping.

Realizing I have less than three weeks before my quarter is over. This is exciting and a little scary, to be honest. But I'm looking forward to spring break (and March Madness on TV!!!).

Well, I should sign off and get to work, or feed myself. Maybe both. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Awkward and Awesome: In Which I Get Rather Longwinded

It's Thursday. The most wonderful day of the week. Seriously, it's my favorite. Because it means tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is so close.

Obviously I'm very excited about it.

So happy Thursday!

Anyway, here are my awkward and awesome moments from the week. (Inspired by Sydney over at The Daybook.)

- My face right now is breaking out so bad. I'm 26 for heaven's sake. I really need to find a new cleansing system I think. Any thoughts?
- The news in the area has been soooo depressing the past couple weeks. It's not something I usually pay a lot of attention to, but man.
- The Nike+ in my iPod is completely unreliable. I had been just getting to the halfway point in my run and then heading for home, but yesterday I was supposed to run 3 miles, and when I mapped the route at home it wasn't even two miles. Looks like I need to plan ahead of time.
- I've procrastinated enough. It's time to get work done. Since there's only 3 weeks left in the quarter.
- The massive chip in my windshield I got from a rock on the freeway. It scared me half to death too.
- Not getting to celebrate National Margarita Day yesterday. Instead I did stats. Try to hold back your jealousy.

- Sleeping in my own bed after a couple nights on a hard-as-a-board, thin-mattress-on-plywood bunk. Enough said.
- Plans to run the St. Patrick's Day Dash. Now the real issue is where to find green glitter.
- Delicious brunch with a good friend this morning. She's due with her first baby next week, so I'm glad we got to catch up before life gets crazy for her.
- An amazing time with my family at Whidbey last weekend. So much fun!
- Riding ferries is so fun! I grew up riding them because of where we lived and I really miss it.
- Getting my tax return this week. Holler.
- Can I get an amen for the days getting longer (and warmer)? It definitely helps with motivation to run. Yesterday it was over 50 degrees. That's tropical.
- I went to Target today for contact solution, and walked out having only spent $45. You probably realize how impressive this is. Even more impressive, I even got two pairs of shoes. I feel so victorious.


Ten on Tuesday: the Math Edition

Be still my math loving heart. The numbers alone for each of the questions make me giggle a little (out of happiness).

If you do nothing else, click on the link in question 4 and watch the video. Hilarious!

0.01×10^2. What was your best/worst day in math class? 
Worst day: In elementary school I was a total nerd (as opposed to know) and would leave class for an advanced math session with another boy in my class. One day I looked at the clock and saw we were late so I yelled at him across the room (due to the anxiety of being late, not out of anger). Sadly, my principal was in the room, misinterpreted my actions, and called me to his office to have a chat. I was (and still am) a total rule follower so this was about as mortifying as anything.

Best day: A few weeks ago in one of my grad classes I was able to recall and apply previous knowledge to what I'm currently learning about stats. It just clicked, which is a pretty awesome feeling. I don't know if that's the best day ever, but it's the first thing that came to my mind.

20×10^-1. Who was your favorite/least favorite math teacher? Why? 
My favorite math teacher was probably Mr. Wark in high school. He would teach the lesson and then give us time to complete the homework in class, which meant I would finish, have no homework, and play Text Twist on his computer.

3×10^0. Is it okay to be bad at math if English is more your thing? 
I know that not everyone's brain handles math easily. I'm pretty lucky that way. Just don't ask me to play make believe. That said, I think everyone can learn math, just like I was able to get better at English. It's more about having the proper support and instruction, people who are willing to figure out how you learn best.

0.4×10^1. How does this video make you feel? 
It makes me laugh. A lot.

500×10^-2. What do you like/not like about math? 
I like that there is a certain way to find the answers, that equations can't be interpreted multiple ways by people (unlike, say, a novel, bleh).  I like that once you understand how to do certain types of problems, you're set. And I really like finding shortcuts with math to make things like shopping and tipping easier. My sister always like having me around so I can calculate her sales price.

0.006×10^3. What makes someone a nerd? 
I think nerds are people who are so into a subject that they can talk about it for hours, without realizing no one else has a clue what they are saying.

7×10^0. Who is the nerdiest person you know? 
There are a few people that come to mind, about different subjects.

80×10^-1. What is the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done? 
I think my answers to most of these questions make me seem pretty nerdy. I took calculus in high school, have always scored better on reasoning on tests, that sort of thing. And remembering how to do certain things in math makes me happy, so that's pretty nerdy.

0.9×10^1. Do you think GraphJam is funny? 
I hadn't heard about it before today. I'll have to check it out and let you know.

10×10^1. Have you ever used math outside of school? 
All the time. You probably do too, more than you realize.

That's it. Congrats if you made it through 10 questions about math. And no judgement if math isn't your thing!


Long Weekend Fun

I'm back from a weekend away. The family got together (on my mom's side) to hang out, play games, eat, and run around at the family cabin.

It's the second year of this type of get together, which means it's practically tradition.

The shindig meant that I went to the airport four times last week, basically as a shuttle service for the family. But it was totally worth it, horrible traffic, downed trees in the road, and all.

The weather wasn't perfect the whole time, but we still got out and explored the property and the island.  And though it wasn't apparent in the pictures I took, we did eat a. lot. of. food. (Most of it containing sugar.)

That's why I went for a run today. :)

Here's a few pictures from the weekend. All taken with my iPhone.


Awkward and Awesome: with a video

Today has been a lazy day.  I meant to get a decent amount of school work done, but that didn't happen.  And it's getting into crunch time in the quarter.  Only 4 weeks left, including finals.  Crazy.

And with that lovely introduction, I bring you my awkward and awesome moments from the past week, inspired by Sydney over at the Daybook.

- Trying to go out to dinner with my sister, dad, and grandma on Valentine's Day. Brilliant, right? The Keg was delicious, we just had to wait quite a while.
- I have been craving pho a lot and haven't made it to get some yet.  I might even been salivating a little as I write this.  Total first world problem here.
- My headache today.  I'm not sure what it's about.  I need to figure out what really makes these headaches happen, it's a common enough occurrence.  Maybe I should keep a record of what I ate/do/drink.  Any tips?
- A complete craft failure. Those yarn pom poms are not as easy as everyone on pinterest makes them out to be.  Truth.
- Feeling like a failure of a woman (gender stereotypes impending) at the baby shower.  Checking my phone for game scores, having no babies to talk about, etc.

- All of your awesome comments of encouragement after my running/work out post.  Thanks!  That was just what I needed to help me stay committed.
- A 1.5 mile run in just over 10 minutes.  I don't know how I ran at a 7 min pace, but I was pretty excited.
- My current obsession with vegetables.  I feel like when you are working out your body really let's you know the food it needs.  I have no doubt I've gotten all the veggies I'm supposed to and more.  Roasted veggies, salads, and more.
- A follow-up, in-person interview after my phone interview today.  Hopefully next week I'll have good news.
- This video: (though it just makes me wish I were crafty, but it is gorgeous!)

Happy Valentine's Day! XO, Etsy from Etsy on Vimeo.

How is your week going?  Has anything been especially awkward and awesome?


No Easing In For Me

The past few months, the only real exercise I've gotten has been Just Dance 3 on my roommates Wii.  And even that hasn't been happening much recently.  I needed to make some changes.

However, I'm not very good at easing back into a regular exercise schedule.  Take the past week for example.

Last Wednesday I decided to get a workout in.  I had pinned a number of at-home workouts.  Instead of choosing one to go with, I decided to mix two (one heavier on cardio, the other on strength).

Gosh, I'm too ambitious sometimes.

The workout went well.  Except for the part where I was sore for an entire week.  Seriously.  Today was the first day since that I didn't feel my calves with every step.

So of course, I also chose today for my first run in, well, let's just say it's been a long while.  Like months and months.  I think it's literally the second run I've been on since we moved into our apartment, at the end of August.

So there's some perspective for you.

I had seen a half marathon training plan on pinterest.  It looked reasonable, so I thought to use it as a guide for getting back into running myself.

I do not plan on running a half marathon, but I needed some motivation and guidance.  The first day in has you walk two miles, run one, and walk another two.

Easy peasy.

I knew the route I wanted to take that would put me a little over five miles, but I figured walking a little extra wouldn't hurt anyone.

I headed out of the the house and decided to jog.  It was downhill for the first part, so it was easy.  Then I got to the lake and decided I would just keep running around it.

By the time I made my way around the lake, I had run over 3.5 miles in about 38 minutes.  I did walk most of the way home, except for crossing streets, which I'd much rather run across anyways.

I'm sure I'll regret all the running in the morning when I try to get out of bed, but for now I feel pretty accomplished.  Now let's hope I can actually make the running a regular thing.

If you're curious, check out my exercise board on Pinterest.

Do you exercise? Are you reasonable about creating a schedule and setting expectations for yourself?  I'm sure not. :)

Monday, Dreary Monday

Happy Monday to everyone!

I thought I'd drop in, say hi, and share a bit about life recently (not that it's anything exciting, so don't get your hopes up).

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  Before I jump into the insignificant details of my life recently, I wanted to let you know I'm guest blogging as part of Danielle's Blogger's Cookbook.  Head on over to see my version of sweet potato enchiladas (especially if you missed it here on the blog a while ago).  It's been to see the other recipes bloggers have shared so far.

This weekend found me back up at my parent's house.  Not only did I get a few loads of laundry in and get to watch some good basketball (the usual), but I also went to a babyshower for a good friend.  She's due in less than a month.

It was really fun to celebrate this next phase of life with her (even if I'm no where near it).  She is someone I've known since high school and I was even in her wedding.  We played fun games, ate finger food, and shared our favorite books (the best part!).

(Funny but true: her sister--who I'm also good friends with and is expecting in June--called me out in the middle of the shower for checking game scores on my phone.  They were comparing me to the commercial of the couple on the date where the guy is watching highlights.  True story.)

Yesterday I got to Skype with my cousin who's volunteering in Israel for the year.  It's so fun to catch up with her and hear about the excitement in her life (this week featured poop and cockroaches).  We're very mature.  I also got to meet her roommates via Skype.

Sometimes technology is pretty amazing!

The roomies and I watched the Grammy's yesterday.  I love that it's an awards show focused on the art.  I love seeing all the different artists perform!

And today my sister and I caught up on Downton Abbey.  I can't believe there's only one more episode left this season.  Ahh!!  Has anyone else been sucked into the show?  I'm a complete addict.  We've gotten our mom addicted, too.

Well, I'm off for a run (the first in a long while, so wish me luck).  Have a good afternoon/evening!


Awkward and Awesome: Still in Bed

Yes I'm still in my bed.  But did actually I get up already.  It's just warmer and cozier here.  I'm doing work.  Promise.

I was going to try and write some cute, witty intro for the post today, but nothing cute or witty is showing up here as I type, so I should probably just get on with it.

(Seriously, my first attempt was "can you believe it's almost the weekend."  Real original.)

Anyways, I hope you are all having a good day.

- I have been lusting over boots online for a while now, but I really don't have the funds to pay for it.  Sigh.  I'll just keep drooling.  (Total first world problem, I know. New boots are not necessary.)
- Falling asleep during the Super Bowl when I had friends over. I'm not a napper either so it was doubly weird.
- Trying to pay attention for four hours of lecture.  I can stay focused for quite a while, but when your computer is open in front of you... (See first bullet about boots.)
- My level of soreness right now.  It's a good feeling, but I looked like an old lady getting out of bed this morning.
- Writing cover letters. (Seriously, does anyone enjoy them?) I found a couple great part-time opportunities. Now I just need to do something about it. It's on the to-do list.

- Finishing my taxes all in one day. And let me say this, when it comes to refunds, being in school definitely pays off.
- Dinner with my good blog friend Stevie. We haven't gotten to hang out in a while, so I really cannot wait!! T-minus 3.5 hours and counting.
- Making a spreadsheet for our family get together next weekend to help figure out sleeping arrangements.  Sometimes my type A personality comes in handy.
- Taking part in a research study and getting paid in cash. Also, having perfect timing catching the bus on the way home.
- Letting my math geek out in one of my classes this week. I made graphs, new answers to questions, even called on old equations.
- All the at-home workouts I pinned. So hopeful in mixing things up and keeping me motivated to actually work out.
- The New Girl has been killing me the past few weeks. Do you watch? Do you laugh as much as I do? Is that possible?

Well, I think I'll sign off there.  I'm sure I could come up with more, but I really do have things to accomplish and places to be.

Happy Thursday to everyone!

P.S.  What's been awkward or awesome about your week?


Ten on Tuesday

This week's questions are from Chelsea.  Head on over to her blog to join in on the fun!

1. How do you feel about Groundhog's Day?
I pay about as much attention to it as I do to the weather reports.  I don't really trust them.

2. What color are your fingernails right now?
My nails are naked for the first time in a while.  I'm giving them a break and letting them heal a little.

3. Do you like riddles?
Why yes I do.  Know any good ones?

4. When you were 10, how did you think "old" was? At your current age, how old do you think "old" is?
Age seems to be fairly relative.  I don't really remember clearly what I thought when I was 10, but I imagine it was something ridiculous, like 16 years old.  Driving is for old people, yo.  Now, I think of 80s or 90s as old.  You know, people born before 1930.

5. Do you wish on stars?
Not regularly.

6. Do you recycle?
Yes!  Our city makes it easy, so why wouldn't you?!

7. On a scale from 1-10, how good of a cook are you?
I think I'm pretty good cook.  I even know how to hold knives properly, but on a scale of "knows nothing" to "cooks eleborate dishes at own successful restaurant", I'm probably a 7.

8. Do you color your hair? Professionally or at home?
Yes, I do.  I had been getting done at the salon, but now I'm saving money by doing it at home.  My trick is to get the dye at a beauty supply store.  It's a little more pricey than boxes from the supermarket, but totally worth a couple extra bucks for the quality.

9. On a scale from 1-10, how do you rate your manners?
8, I haven't taken etiquette classes or anything, and I would be nervous around the Queen of England, but I think I'm pretty well mannered.

10. Who are the last 5 people you texted?
Steph (sister), Christine, Kiira, Veronica, Jonathan (brother)


Our Apartment: A Tour

So I'm finally sharing the rest of our apartment with you.  I put it together in slideshow form.  I hope you enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions about stuff you see (but not things I missed cleaning).


11 Things

I was tagged by my blog friend Decoy Betty a while ago to share 11 things about me.  I'm super excited to finally get to it.

First, I need to share the rules with you.  These are very important...
1) You must post these rules. 
2) Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog. 
3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. 
4) You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post. 
5) Go to their page and tell them you linked him or her. 
6) No tag backs.
7) No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You have to legitimately tag 11 people.

(P.S. I don't know there was such a thing as legitimate tagging.  Lesson learned.)

11 Things About Me:
1. I don't really like chicken. I don't hate it, but it will never be my first choice of meat.
2. I kind of have a thing for semi-trashy romance novels, as long as they're also semi-well written.  I know, that doesn't really make sense.
3. I'm addicted to Downton Abbey. And it's about to come on.  Yay!
4. Thursday is my favorite day of the week.
5. I spend a lot of time in sweatpants.
6. Milk is best when served ice cold (and with a cookie).
7. I had never really driven a stick until I bought the car I have now (five years ago).  But now I can't even count the number of manuals I have driven. (I mean, I probably could if I really took the time to think about it, but that seems like a lot of work.) Weird, right?
8. I recently celebrated National Peanut Butter Day (today, Jan. 24), Cheese Lover's Day (Jan. 20), and National Pizza Week (Jan. 9-15).  What a great couple weeks of food!
9. Speaking of food, I'm addicted to cupcakes (how hipster of me, I know), especially the little, adorable cupcake shop down the road from us.
10. I'm really not sure what exactly I want to be when I grow up. That's why I'm in grad school, so I don't have to decide.  I have things I want to do but no real big goal.  If that makes any sense.
11. I still haven't purchased a parking pass this quarter, which means I've been paying each night I go to campus (not cost efficient at all).

My answers to Decoy Betty's questions:
1. What motivates you?
My faith, the desire to please other, my need for perfection, and doing things I care about.

2. How do you like your TV series, on DVD for watching all at once or doled out once a week?
I actually prefer once a week so I don't waste anymore time than necessary.  The DVD versions always suck you in and then you watch 7 episodes instead of the 1 or 2 you meant to.  That said, I have been busy catching up on Downton Abbey and highly recommend it.

3. True or false: they don't make boy bands like they used to.
True.  Other than the Jonas Brothers, what has there been recently?

4. What's the comfort food you go to when you need a pick me up?
Mac 'n' Cheese or some sort of soup.  Yum!

5. How would you spend your ideal day?
Sleeping in, doing something outside in the sunshine, reading some, seeing some of my favorite people, eating really good food.

6. If there is something holding you back, what is it?

7. I just heard Sofia Vergara say that she is actually blonde but dyes her hair brunette. When Ellen asked her who has fun, blondes or brunettes, Sofia responded "girls with bigger boobs." True or false?
No idea.  I've never been blonde nor do I fall into the big boobs category.

8. Talk me through your next honeymoon.
Well, since there's no honeymoon in the near or distant future for me, I have no idea.  I'd prefer to somewhere tropical, where there are things to do but also plenty of time for relaxation.

9. What are you jonesing for right now? (could be food, clothing item, a pair of shoes, whatever!).
Currently, a burger from Dick's since it's buy 1 get 1 free for their anniversary.  Also, something warm and delicious to drink.

10. What's your favorite Roald Dahl book?
The BFG.  Loved that book.

11. What sound is the most annoying to you?
That sound when you turn the car steering wheel too far.  Anyone know what I'm talking about?  It makes me cringe.

The 11 People I'm Tagging:
Mom, Christine, Stephanie, Stephany, Stevie, Bianca, Amy, Danielle, Rachael, Michelle, and Erin.  (Also, I totally won't hate you if you don't do all of this.)

My Questions:
1. What is one thing you can't leave the house without?
2. Tell me the best place you've ever visited or vacationed.
3. You have to sing karaoke to save my life. What song do you choose?
4. If you could change one thing in the past week, what would it be?
5. What have you been eating a lot of recently?
6. If you were going to be famous for something, what would you want it to be?
7. What is your least favorite chore?
8. If you had to live one place the rest of you life, where would it be?
9. What shows do you watch regularly?
10. Do you have any big trips coming up? If so, what?
11. Who is your hero?


Awkward and Awesome: Babysitter's Club

Who didn't love those books growing up?  That's not really the point of the post, but I did babysit today (more on that later), so it seemed fitting.

Here's a little glimpse at my week.

- How the heck is February already, seriously?!?!
- SXSW falling right around Finals Week for me.  Not that I actually have money for it, but a girl could dream.
- My attention span in class right now.  I need to refocus a little bit.
- My attention span and this blog post.  It's taking me much longer than necessary because I can't focus.  There seems to be a trend here.
- While watching my young charge today (5-year-old boy) this afternoon, I went to the bathroom.  He yelled something at me through the door.  I couldn't tell what exactly.  When I came out, he was wandering around the back deck with his pants and underwear around his ankles.  I'm sure his dad let's him go outside sometimes.  Sure.
- Do I really need other awkwards after that? Really?

- The Hunger Games trilogy.  I'm late to the game on this one, I know.  But they are so good.  I was reminded of Ender's Game while reading them.  Another book I highly recommend.  I've also read Ender's Shadow, but apparently there is a huge number of books in the series.  Noted.
- Getting paid in cash today. So nice.
- Plans for dinner at my favorite Indian place with a friend tonight.  I can't wait for the endless cups of chai.
- Having a carpool buddy for class Wednesday nights. We're trying to keep life interesting by stopping for dinner at a different place each week.  Last night's stop was Whole Paycheck.
- Super Bowl weekend with some good friends.  I'm looking forward to the game, commercials, food, all of it.  And the pre-Super Bowl coverage being gone.  It's like the election coverage -- exhausting.