Two birds with one stone

Today I am presenting you with 25 random facts about myself. I am doing this for a few reasons. One, I've been tagged by a few different people in these notes on facebook. Two, I am running around visiting people where I went to college and need my energy for more important endeavors. Three, I don't have a three but it seems like every good list should.

I am not tagging anyone or asking anyone else to do this. Trying to end this craziness with myself. Anyways, maybe you'll learn something new about me, some of you at least. If, however, you want to share 25 things about yourself, I would be interested in learning them.

Here goes nothin':

1. I have never broken a bone.

2. In spite of that I have had a random assortment of accidents: trigger finger, stapling my fingers together, burning my butt, falling into berry bushes. What can I say, I'm talented.

3. Six months after I got my license, I flipped my car...in a parking lot.

4. I am a country music fanatic. That's the music I listen to 90% of the time. (It's okay if you are cringing right now.) But there isn't much music I don't like.

5. I really enjoying driving and road trips, especially by myself.

6. I have never been in a serious relationship.

7. I couldn't really drive a manual until I was 21, when I purchased my first car - a manual.

8. I have an addiction: shoes. Due to a lack of funds, I have held back from buying a new pair since September. And it hurts me.

9. I love sports. Especially college basketball. I'd list my favorites, in order, but who knows how long that would take.

10. I lived in a dorm for the first time at 22.

11. I did very well on the SAT, but chose to go to community college to play basketball after high school.

12. I brush my teeth religiously, but rarely remember to floss.

13. My Christian faith is essential to who I am.

14. I knit, but only scarves because they are easy and don't take too long to make if I can stay focused.

15. I skipped second grade. I also read to my kindergarten class. What can I say? I was an overachiever back then.

16. I have done lawn care with my dad every summer since before my senior year in high school. This year will be my 7th as a lawn care professional.

17. To follow up #16, I owned a lawn mower before I owned a car.

18. I love to travel, but haven't made it out of North America...yet.

19. Over the past year, I visited 13 states and flew on 20 different planes. I took the time to count that up; I don't have it in my head.

20. I've had a guitar for six years, but can only play a handful of basic chords. Someday I hope to change that.

21. I have a younger sister and brother. That's right, I'm the oldest.

22. I absolutely love to cook. I could spend loads of time looking for good recipes, and then eating them. :)

23. I don't have a clue what I want to do with my life, and it scares me. Least favorite interview question right now: where do you see yourself in five years?

24. I graduated with my college degree and am back living with the padres. Thanks a lot economy; you're the best!

25. I like to be organized, but my room is often messy because I am overwhelmed by all the stuff in it. For the record, not all of it is mine. That's what happened when you haven't lived at home in a couple years.

So there you go. Now you know something more about me, hopefully. Thanks for taking the time to read until the end. Now, go forth and conquer.


  1. So does your shoe addiction include a healthy selection of cowboy boots? Something tells me yes...

  2. Awesome post.......I also have a shoe fetishe but due to lack of money I have stay clear from shops and sales.

    Got tagged also on facebook but haven't done my 25 things yet, now reading this I feel temped by you ahhhh...nice to get to know you a little better.

    Hey country music is always getting that cringe reaction..mmm..why?


  3. I can't believe that with all the sports you play you have never broken a bone!! I am so jealous of you!