Bigger is Better

Yesterday my dad and I took the flat screen TV to Costco to trade it for a bigger model...

...for less than $20 more.

My mom, siblings and I had purchased it for him, for Christmas. We even managed to (mostly) keep it a surprise.

At the time of purchase it was bigger, clearer, and just better than anything else we'd ever had.

Not surprisingly, the purchase of this product just opened our eyes to the glory of HDTV (and DirectTV, which was got after the purchase of the television). We can't get enough. My dad even said that he doesn't care what we watch as long as it's HD.

It was easy to see, after realizing the glory that is HDTV, that bigger would be better. And when my dad spotted a bigger TV for practically the same price we sped home to load up the TV and grab the bigger one before someone else did.

And we got it.

The new plan...to upgrade every two-three months (or, because of Costco, before 90 days pass).

Soon our TV will cover the family room wall, I'm sure of it.


  1. nothing like taking advantage of a company's generous return policy for your own benefit...sure hope i never work at the costco you shop at...

  2. Party at E's house! I wouldn't invite Anonymous up there though; they might smirk at me as I'm stuffing my pockets full of snacks from your fridge.