There is nothing quite like a dog show in HD.


I don't know if anyone else out there likes dogs or not, but I am definitely a HUGE fan. Love them.

And it's been dog show season lately. Rounding out the season was the Westminster Dog Show which. finished up tonight.

This is the grand daddy of dog shows. Nationally televised. Madison Square Garden. Glitter, sequins, rhinestones - and that's just the handlers' outfits.

The champion, best-in-show Stump. The Sussex spaniel is ten years old. He came out of retirement for this. He almost died in 2004. And he is freaking adorable.

His victory is like Michael Jordan being MVP at 70. Or an elderly supermodel. Take that Tyra and all fifteen billion seasons of ANTM!

How could the judge say no to that face?! (p.s. Thanks for the pic, Reuters!)

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