End o' the day

I just thought I'd wrap up the day with a couple random thoughts. Because I can't hold back and just have so much to share. Or I'm bored. Whatever.

  • I L-O-V-E the new Pepsi commercial. Song: Forever Young. With flashbacks between back in the day and now. One of my favorites from the Superbowl. If you haven't seen it check it out:

  • I got my tax refund today. That makes me more happy than I can express. To make financial matters even better I work my first day tomorrow. Soon I'll be rich! Or at least not poor.
  • As part of my television addiction I have been consumed with a lot of reality TV lately. First, The Bachelor - Jillian was kind of my fave. Second, on American Idol tonight Paula seemed like she spent the night trying not to cry. Also, rough performances. Third, the Biggest Loser always makes me feel like a slacker. Yet I still find myself on the couch.
  • I died my hair the other day. I am happy to have it all one shade, instead of two toned. It was supposed to be the color below, a dark golden brown, yet still my hair has a red glow. Left over from months ago.

  • The dogs have been completely out of control today and I am going a little crazy. They are currently racing around the family room fighting and sounding like a herd of bovines. At one point I went grocery shopping so I didn't have to deal with them. That's desperation.
  • If I'm not spending money on makeup/shoes, I'd probably blowing it on music. I have recently been enjoying Rock N' Roll by Eric Hutchinson, overplayed on VH1 but enjoyable none the less. Ingrid Michaelson, pretty much everything with a couple exceptions. Start a Band with Keith (Urban) and Brad (Paisley) is about as fun as it gets. And yes I am on a first name basis with the boys.
Okay, the end.

P.S. Thanks to Jay for the reminder, I never think of that. Obviously.

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  1. I find inspiration from the father on the brown team in TBL, because have you seen his stomach? It defies normal fat guy stomach standards, representing itself as some lumpy 8-pack that haunts my dreams.