So close I can smell it

I took my final test for my training today. I'll still have a couple short lessons to complete, assuming I pass, to prepare for entering the real world of transcribing.

But I still feel like I can breath a huge sigh of relief. (Your welcome for the convulted, poorly structured sentence, it's because I love you.)

Three things happening after the test that lead me to believe I most likely passed and can start earning money:
1. I didn't get a parking ticket for not having a campus parking pass.
2. It began to snow with the sun still shining as I drove home.
3. I passed a man on a unicycle on the way home.

If those aren't signs that my stars are aligned, or however astrology works, then I don't know what are.

But I am not celebrating early. That could counteract all of those positive signs.

Instead I will wait on pins and needles. Or put on sweats, find some junk food to consume, and watch some TV.

Take your pick.


  1. Uncycles... if that isn't cool!

  2. Pins and needles! Pins and needles!

  3. If the unicycler had also been a juggler and/or midget, I would have made you buy a lottery ticket.