Not okay at all

I've been all over the place in terms of blog ideas today.

I was going to wax poetic of my love for Ellen DeGeneres and her show. I was going to point out how few real skills we have as a society...as in we-could-survive-on-our-own skills. I was going to tell you the oh, so exciting story of my first day of work.

But then my neighbor called me about five minutes ago because they were robbed sometime today.

Funny thing, my best friend made a comment this afternoon about how weird it was my family never locks our door.

Which is true, we only lock our door when we go out of town and at night.

The funny thing is we've never had a problem. It probably helps that there are always a few cars parked at our house, as well as two rambunctious dogs who bark at just about everything (except, unfortunately, today's burglars).

Our house is actually very rarely empty, too. My mom is at home a lot, as am I (recently).

So I guess we aren't a good mark.

But it's scary when your next-door neighbors have a computer and TV stolen, as well as most of the house searched. The house was even locked up.

I'm a little annoyed that I didn't notice anything - easy say in hindsight - since I was home for the whole day except for about an hour long period.

Anyways, my point is safety first people. Don't just lock your doors. Set up booby traps. Rig up some sort contraption.

Ok, not really. But seriously, this is scary. I'm glad I have my 110 lb. dog to protect me tonight.

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  1. Note to self: if I ever rob you, bring snausage-covered tranquilizers.