I have been blessed with incredibly fair skin. So fair that in the winter I sometimes blend in with white/light clothing and snow in pictures.

It's a fact of life that I've learned to deal with.

To make matters worse, I live in a place that does not get an incredibly amount of sun. Mostly we get rain, which means clouds.

The winter is even worse. It's dark when you wake up and when you get home. There isn't a lot direct sunlight available to use.

It's bad enough, I don't think anyone would save money with solar panels.

We actually have some walkway lights that are supposed to solar powered. In the winter, when we need them the most, the lights only provide a faint glow. You mostly just have to hope that the steps haven't moved/aren't icy.

The only good news is that winter doesn't last long here in the NW. The climate is pretty mild and it is already starting to feel like spring.

The bad news, my skin color will still be reminiscent of a ghosts for a few months to come.

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  1. Maybe they'll call on you to be an extra in the next Twilight film!