Kleenex? Check.

If you're addicted to college basketball like I am, you are probably aware that this weekend was Coaches Against Cancer.

This meant that around the country coaching staffs wore tennis shoes instead of their usual dress shoes to bring awareness to the fight against cancer.

But you might not be aware that this tradition didn't just occur at the college level.

The padres (aka parents) and I went to see a high school basketball game, and found the same focus. The coaches had strapped on their tennis shoes. In addition both teams sported special t-shirts in warm ups, and the visiting team even wore pink socks.

More memorably was the naming of guest coaches for the night. The home team was coached by a young boy who is fighting brain cancer.

And who will most likely loose that fight in the near future. He can barely hear, doesn't see well, and is confined to a wheel chair.

But he was definitely part of the game. All the starters gave him high fives when they were announced. He fist bumped the players as they came out of the game, and it was hard to tell who was more excited about it. He was in the huddle during time outs and at half time he went to locker room.

At half time, the school recognized him and his family, and gave him a cheer as well as a standing ovation.

The game, the sport, was overshadowed by something more important. Life. The emphasis wasn't on getting the win, but helping the fight to cure a more vicious opponent.

The loudest cheer took place at the intermission, as little Kyle waved to us all from his wheel chair. Even the cheerleaders were more excited about a picture with the star of the show than cheering their team on to victory.

And I would imagine many of the eyes in the gym were filled with tears.

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  1. Ugh... rip out my heart and show it to me! It's never fair when it's children suffering. Or even less fair, I should say.