I like it like that

I like to be organized. I really, truly do - contrary to the often times chaotic appearance of my room.

I like lists. I like efficiency. I like knowing where things are and what I have to do.

The to do lists are less to help me remember and more just to help me get my priorities in order - figuring out what I have to do and what order it needs to happen.

I like to be organized so much, in fact, that the first thing on my to do list for my room at my parent's house is to put in some sort of closet organizer system.

I enjoy sorting through my things and getting rid of the unnecessary.

You wouldn't necessarily guess that looking at my room. That's due to a combination of having more stuff than I have room, having had my life spread across a couple states this past year, and the addition of a few things that aren't even mine.

Those factors combine to a rather maze-like, crowded bedroom. Someday I'll be able to change that.

Nothing would make me happier this spring than being able to get organized enough to have a garage sale this spring/summer.

I don't know if it will happen, but a girl can dream

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  1. hey...fellow blogger with an organizing and list making fetish. I too have the same problem as you...less space, more stuff. But recently i went in for a total renovation of my room...and was almost cruel in decluttering. The results were good and the whole cleaning experience totally fab :)