Just call me the Dabbler

I am what you might call a dabbler.

I get interested in hobbies, projects, etc. Then I struggle to maintain interest and energy toward that thing, or get distracted by something else.

For example: knitting.

Let me start off by saying that I have only ever knitted scarves. They are simple, straightforward, and easy. I probably have three or four started right now, with I don't know how many others in mind.

I can go to yarn stores and gaze and wander for hours. I'll buy yarn which then goes home to sit in my knitting basket, which no longer can contain all my unopened, unused yarn.

Another example: playing guitar.

I got my guitar when I was 17? I think. I don't really remember which birthday it was for, clearly.

So I've had it five or six years. I can count the number of chords I can play on my hands. I don't really know how to pick. I haven't changed the strings in about four years. And it spends most of its time in the case.

Impressive, I know.

So when I get interested in something now, I am little more hesistant to invest money in it.

Currently I would love to get into photography. Nice camera. Lenses. Photoshop. The whole shebang.

While there is no way in heck I can afford to begin this new adventure now - I haven't a had in job in months - I also wonder if it would really be a smart use of my money when I do start working.

I also, from time to time, have contemplated expanding my blogging. Maybe a sports blog. Maybe something to do with cooking/crafts/who knows what. Maybe something else.

Then I think of the time it would to really maintain multiple blogs with decent quality posting. And I think of the struggles I sometimes have on this blog just to post consistently.

Makes me think expanding might not be the best idea.

I am, however, pretty sure that I'll be purchasing Photoshop Elements when I am making money again.

And refinancing my car loan, but that's a whole different story.


  1. Showing some love. Came here from Jay's blog and was interested in someone commenting about the use of the english language.

    Anyway.. I knit scarfs, but I live in a hot desert. I have two Harmonica's but I can play niether.


  2. "Dabbler?" I have my own term for this affliction -- RADD; reality attention deficit disorder. Mind you, I coined this after a lifetime of battling it myself.