Blizzard 2009

I don't really like to blog about such mundane things as the weather, but today I just can't help myself today. It has been ridiculous!

It started this morning with blowing wind and rain. By the time I was walking to my first class for work, it was raining hard enough to change the shade of all my clothing. Later in the afternoon it hailed. And by the time I was leaving campus it was snowing.


I know literally speaking it is still winter. Spring doesn't come until March, yada, yada. But I live by the ocean, meaning it's supposed to be a mild climate here.

Well, except for the fact that I am practically in Canada.

It's very likely Dad won't have school tomorrow, and luckily I don't work on Thursdays, but I am driving ACROSS the entire state on Friday - come hell or high water. Or come snowstorm, I supposed.

For now, I am going to enjoy the view and sit next to the fire in my sweatpants.

But it's still ridiculous that there is probably at least an inch of snow on the ground - when I left work an hour ago it hadn't started sticking yet.

The big dog, Jackson, was outside for about ten minutes and came back in with his back covered in snow.

Ridiculous! (I obviously don't know what else to say about it.)


  1. Oh I'm jealous! I absolutely love the snow :D

  2. If only Punky knew how the west half of this state shuts down as soon as the first flake drops...