Check out those ankles!

I have a penchant for historical novels, including my guilty pleasure the romance novel.

But please don't lecture me on it, I fully understand the crap that fills those stories. That's why I get them at the library and try to avoid buying them.

As I lay in bed last night, reading the latest library rental, I had a thought.

What the heck happened to fashion?!

In some ways there has been a role reversal. Men wore tighter fitting trousers, versus their much baggier counterparts today. Women went from concealing to exposing pretty much as much as possible, either skin or shape.

Women, I think we lost out. Think about it.

A couple centuries ago we could turn a man on by showing our ankles. And they could never really tell the size of our thighs because of our skirts.

Now girls/women are wearing tighter, skimpier clothing to get attention.

Oh, sure. I value being able to ride astride a horse and take part in athletic activities beyond the occasional stroll through a park. I am also not sad that I don't have to deal with hoop skirts, corsets, or intricate updos.

But I am pretty sure no man has looked at my ankles and thought, "I'm not sure I can keep my hands off her."

Maybe I'm wrong.

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