I'll all about helping

A while back, when I was in the throes of unemployment and not nearing the end as I am now, I wrote a post for the president about how much I was helping the economy and the environment by staying home everyday and not working.

I would like to point out a few other ways I am helping our country and our economy get back on track:

1. I don't shower all that often. Gross, maybe. Green, definitely. Plus I have to buy things like shampoo and conditioner a lot less often. How dirty do you really get when you exist in a 2,000 sq. ft. area?!

2. Obvious lack of driving. Besides my trip last week to other side of the street that I haven't really talked about, I rarely drive more than a mile or two every couple days. Combine that with the fact that my car is a hybrid and I can't do a much better job.

3. While I now have employment and, cross your fingers, should be starting in the next couple weeks, I am not stealing jobs out from anyone. My job is there because law requires it and no one was fired to make room for me. I am also thereby removed for the increasingly competitive job market. Your welcome.

4. Because I am living at home with the parents I haven't had to rely on government aid, such as unemployment or welfare. Thereby, saving you, the taxpayer, money.

While there are some cons to my whole situation (i.e. I don't have money to spend to bolster the economy.), overall I feel that I am definitely doing my part to help the country in this dark time.

All I have to say is, "you're welcome, America!"


  1. doing it for america.. very patriotic of you.

  2. Just make sure you buy a 60" Plasma TV with that first paycheck of yours.