I've got sunshine.

Yesterday I complained about a lack of sunshine around home this time of year. Just to spite me it has been sunny all day today.

I'll take that kind of spite any day.

To celebrate the weather and wear out the puppies, we went for a walk down at the marina.

Nothing says relaxing stroll in the sun like 150+ lbs. of dog on a leash. But hey, I got a work out, right?!

The dogs are now passed out on various pieces of furniture trying to recover from their exhausting 45 minute walk.

The poor things.

The best news of the day, the weather is supposed to stay like this until Friday.

This weather will in no way improve the tone of my skin, but it does lift the spirits.

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  1. Just dropping in from 20SB. Your day sounds like it was lovely. I like your brand of spite. I'm sure the dogs were thrilled as well.