You can't make me.

I am one of the least confrontational people you might ever meet. Seriously.

I don't like confrontation. I don't like yelling (except due to extreme enthusiasm about a topic). And I get tired of long-winded, never-ending discussions/debates.

I am also a people pleaser, which pretty much goes hand-in-hand with my avoidance of confrontation. At least it does in my head.

I'm pretty sure those two characteristics made me one of the easiest teenagers ever to parent. Except that I hated having to talk about any issues and always blamed crying on fatigue.

But really, I cannot remember yelling at my parents. Ever. In my entire life.

Maybe it happened as a small child, but that was probably only when I was tattle tailing (sp?) on my brother.

The thing is I have had many a serious discussion with people, in my head.

No joke.

Often I'll think about how I would kill conversations that I probably should have. Or I replay past conversations with spins that put me saying what I actually feel as well as coming out on top.

I am always victorious in fake conversations. No one can hold me back.

I'm pretty mature like that.


  1. You are either an extremely nice person, or a very likely candidate to go on an unexplained shooting spree.

  2. This would make me your evil twin because I am the other side of this totally up in your face confortational, no holds bar speak my mind and the last fake conversation I had with myself was last week when I smacked m yhead on the ground and thought I was dead hahaah funny now not so funny last week read my last post.

    I agree with Jay your either the nicest person or you will go totally postal oneday. That being said, thanks for dropping by my blog much appreciated.

    Listen no fake conversations with people or with yourself. If anyone is up in your face or something is just nagging at you it's ok to have the fake talk but then you gotta give it to the real person,issue or thing that's making you have these winning fakes talks....lolol and go for it and give where it counts.

    Great post i will be back. Take good care and don't talk to yourself a lot ok.


  3. Dude - the shower. That's where the vast majority of my fake conversations take place. And you're right, they always go absolutely amazing with me being awesome and super and saying all the right things. And then I turn the water off and all the magic goes away and I go back to being a confrontational dud.