You know things are bad when...

Your DI football team has to hold open tryouts for a QB...during the season.

I knew that things would be rough for the Cougs.

They fired their head/hired a new one last spring after a few very disappointing seasons. The Pac-10 is a tough conference to recruit. Especially when you are located far away from beaches, large stadiums, and the $$$ of Nike.

So the team is young, inexperienced and outmatched. No question about it. Except for Gibson. That kid can catch a football.

Then the No. 1 & 2 QBs got knocked out for the season. One a fifth-year senior who sat on the bench for four years for this shot.

The good news...the try-outs are just for the practice team.

The bad news...the two scholarship QBs left are both freshmen. Not that there isn't promise. They just pretty much fit the team. Young, inexperienced.

And the team is looking to fill a gap by recruiting from the current student body. Daily Evergreen Story No joke.

But really this is the American Dream in action. This is why every kid wanted to be QB at recess and grown men still pound it out in backyards and parks across the country.

I just never expected it to become a reality.

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