The Tetons, etc.

In January, when my dad and I drove to Colorado, we were thoroughly bored by the Wyoming leg of the trip. So on my trip back home, I decided to spice things up. There was no avoiding Wyoming, so instead I chose to drive through Jackson Hole (JH).

Located in the Tetons and just south of Yellowstone, it's some pretty country. And I actually enjoyed my drive. Crazy!

I got here early enough to do a little Christmas shopping and grab an expensive dinner. (My new deal with myself is the only shopping I'm allowed to do now is for Christmas.) And I have to say that wandering around JH I was wishing I had some more time here. Instead of the 16 hours, half of which I'll be sleeping.

I took some sweet pictures on the drive, and then promptly forgot my camera as I wandered around town. The good news...I have to find breakfast in the morning so I'll snap a few pics then.

So here's the shots I got today. Now I really need to focus my energies on Grey's.

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