I feel the need for some organization in my life. In many areas.

My stuff for sure. Not only are my things strewn seemingly across the Evergreen state, but also across my room.

It's not as if I have piles of things waiting to be put away, it's that I have bins and tubs of my stuff that has finally all made it back from the land of the Rockies.

I got it here and realized that it won't all fit in my room, especially since the room already was storing some of my things. It's unfortunate really. That I have all this stuff and not enough space for it.

And it doesn't even count everything in storage over in the Palouse. Apparently I'm a pack rat. Or something.

I also hope to get this blog organized. I have done a poor job of tagging my posts appropriately. This means there's no real way to sort through it all. But going back and retagging everything, as well as creating more comprehensive tags will take some time.

Luckily, time is something I have plenty of.

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