I am a dog person. No question about it.

I don't dislike cats, but I have a strong preference for dogs. Dogs are loyal, have generally happy personalities, and want to please you.

Before anyone starts psychoanalyzing that last statement (I could list more things about dogs that I like, those are just a couple), I also have to say there are time that dogs drive me absolutely nuts.

Especially the dogs I am around all the time, Jackson and Jamaica.

Jackson is an 115-pound, white German Shepard/yellow lab mix. He's about eight years old and while a big dog, a little on the thick side. Jackson has got to be one of the cleanest dogs I have ever met. He tiptoes through our lawn and can spend hours cleaning himself.

Jackson is not without his annoying tendencies. In his lifetime he has consumed a great amount of chocolate (Belgium chocolate, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate chip cookies), butter, and any other food left too close to the end of the counter.

(Too close is anywhere besides the back of the stove.)

Jamaica is a year and a half, black and white English springer spaniel. She has more energy than most dogs I've met and absolutely no regard for getting dirty.

Jamaica may also be on of the wimpiest dogs I know. She was attacked as a puppy by another dog (luckily the dog only got her ear and we kept her from real harm) and is now afraid of any dog or person she doesn't recognize, including her own people.

We're convinced that her eyesight isn't great - there are times she has barked at me as I walk down the hallway as if I am some sort of dangerous intruder and not the person she regularly cuddles with on the couch.

I really do like our dogs, except when they annoy me with their barking and energy and neediness.

Otherwise they are awesome. Especially when they are cuddly and sleeping. (Jackson sleeps, Jamaica cuddles)

And today has been a good day, nothing destroyed and lots of sleeping.

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