Vacation = lots of food

So far the time in the land of the Rockies has been good. I've already caught up with a few people, and will see a few more before I leave.

Somehow all these meetings seem to involve food. This visit has turned into a large progressive meal.

It started with lunch today, which will be followed by a happy hour and then dinner. Tomorrow I am on my own for breakfast, but have actually committed to two lunches. (That's right, not one, but two) I am doing another happy tomorrow and then dinner again.

I'll be lucky if my clothes all fit when I leave here.

I keep giving the same little speech about my state of unemployment. "I've been looking...nothing's caught my eye...this is not the time to be finding a job...look at the economy...I think employers and employees are acting more conservative..."

I throw out extenuating circumstances and upcoming possibilities.

Basically, I'm full of hot air.

Well, I need to go rest up for the next round of eating. I am collecting stories and hope to have a post a little later on about some of the more amusing moments of my trip. I'm sure I have a few more good ones coming my way.

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