A Day in the Life of...

I thought I would take a moment to give you a taste of what a day mowing lawns (with my dad) is like. Keep in mind that this is not how the businesses probably do it - thankfully - but it works for us.

Yesterday morning around 10 a.m., my dad and I set out for a day in the mowing fields.

We had a list of approximately 17 lawns that might need a trim and no interest in getting all of them done.

The first two lawns include the discovery of a dead pet rabbit and one of the funniest dogs ever, Cooper the Labradoodle. (Or as I like to call him, Mr. Cooper, as in Hanging with Mr. Cooper)

We decide it's time for pit stop in the form of the REI Fall Sale. We discover some excellent deals including three pairs of shoes. (None of which were for me, hold your applause please)

This shopping spree means we have to swing by home, as the large REI bag makes things squishy in the small truck cab. No stop at home is quick as the dogs bark and demand that someone plays with them. Our break also includes snacktime.

For a health-concious family like us, snack time consists of apple slices, chocolate chip cookies, and cherry coke.

After a small lawn, we jet out to Fernberg and what becomes our last three lawns of the day due to the monsoons.

The first two are finished easily and quickly. Driving past my alma mater, we head for lawn numero seis del dia. (number six of the day, for those that don't speak Spanish)

We find the lawn littered with apples and low hanging branches. After picking up all the apples that didn't totally gross me out, we apply our mowers to the yard but are unable to finish before the rain starts.

Luckily I am wearing a long-sleeved, cotton t-shirt, so I barely get wet at all. I think you could have wrung me out and had enough water for a small African village.

We head home, pepsi from the last customer in hand, having made more more in four hours of mowing that I would have made in 12 hours at my previous place of employment.

All things considered, not such a bad gig.

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