What was I thinking; oh wait, I wasn't

I made it to the land of the Rockies. Mostly in one piece. But I am tired, and my head/jaw is killing me, and it was a looong day o' travel.

Now that I got my whining out of the way, let me share with you why I am a little on the cranky side..

First, I'll start with my lack of sleep last night. Not smart, I know. But it wasn't (entirely) my fault. Mistake #1: I didn't start packing until somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 p.m. Again, bad idea.

Anyways, I finished packing and decided it was necessary to start a book. What was I thinking. Then after convincing myself to put the book down, I realized I needed to use the lavatory. Then the puppy (Maica, aka Maican me Crazy) started whining, so I realized her to use the outdoor lavatory (aka the backyard). She decided that it was actually time to play. After a stare down in the hallway, which ended with me sitting on the step and her laying outside of my door 20 feet away, I lured her back to her kennel with a dog treat.

Then I went to bed. I have no idea what time it was, and don't really care to know. Needless to say, 6 a.m. came rather early.

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