Boredom Takes Hold

As I've sat around home, I've grown rather restless.

Not so much that I am ready to settle for any old job or move any old place, but enough that I needed something to happen.

I'd been contemplating cutting my hair, but upon reflection decided that this was a poor choice. I like to be able to pull all my hair back and I want to have the option of not spending much time on it.

Haircut nixed.

Instead I went with hair dye. While also a permanent decision, it's one that can be changed fairly easily. It's also much less expensive that getting a professional cut, since I went with the box dye job.

Cheap entertainment let's call it.

The hard part...my hair hasn't been dyed in over three years. This was a big commitment.

Now it's a shade of rich majogany. The only unfortunate part, my mom forgot to add the aromatic shimmer oil. To think that my hair could be shimmering right now.

Overall it turned out well. And I'm already thinking of what the next color might be. To think I went three years.

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