Visit to the Hospital (still in progress)

Before I get started with the story of my morning, I just want to assure everyone that this was a procedural visit and not an emergency visit. A doctor stuck (well, is sticking actually) a camera down my dad's throat to look at his heart.

As far as I know, all is well.

First of all, I now have proof that no human being should actually be required to function at 6:00 a.m. This is how I know...

My dad was driving to the hospital and we had to stop at a red light behind two other cars. We were headed straight ahead. Beside us the cars received a green arrow. Not one, but both of the cars in front of us preceded to pull into the intersection as if it were their turn to cross and effectively cutting off the cars attempting to turn left across from us.

This is obvious proof that no human can fully function that early in the morning.

I am now in a hospital waiting room complete with a computer work station, fireplace, and scoreboard. All that's missing is some sort of snack bar for those of us that haven't had anything to eat yet and have been up for over to hours. (meaning me)

Now I am waiting for #168352 to come out of the procedure in a completely drugged state.

My father is now known as #168352 - the hospital tracks him through their scoreboard system by number to maintain his privacy. Luckily for me, I remember numbers easily, even in my fatigue- and hunger-induced delusional state.

Since arriving at the hospital, #168352 has been doling out councilling advice like it's his job. (oh wait, it is.) First it was the woman who checked him in, then the two nurses that got him ready. He now knows about their children, who their counselors are, what problems they have. And he thought this visit was about him.

Well, I am going to go read my book and pretend that my stomach isn't growling. Just call it sympathy fasting since #168352 hasn't been allowed to eat since last night.

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